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    [​IMG]Girls have been sick for a few days but I have seen such an improvement once I started giving them some Cephalexin. I had some from when I was sick. They were both on the roost eyes closed and not eating or drinking. Moomy my Black copper sounded congested and sneezing. Dixie had a very puffy eye and some bubbly liquid coming out of it. Her eye was closed and looked bad. I felt so bad for them both. Now they are eating and drinking and Dixie's eye is open with no bubbly discharge. Moomy still sounds a little congested but has improved. I bought some Corid and started them on that last night. Today they are moving around and asking for attention. (Lol) I did a lot of research on google to figure out what I can give them. [​IMG][/IMG]
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    Sounds like they have respiratory ailments. Corid is used for Coccidiosis only, which is a protazoa of the intestinal tract. It will not work on anything respiratory. I would get them on antibiotics...either Sulfadimethoxine or Duramycin. You can order these on line, some feed stores still carry antibiotics. Don't wait too long...respiratory infections can kill them fast.

    Good luck and I hope they make a full recovery!

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