My Silkie Bantam Rooster is weak & limping

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  1. knittingmolly

    knittingmolly New Egg

    Sep 5, 2010
    I am pretty new to chicken keeping, so this is my first time facing what to do with a sick one. Our Silkie rooster is young, maybe 4 months old. A little less than a week ago, we noticed that he had a pronounced limp when he walked and would frequently hold his right foot up when standing in one spot. I turned him over and examined his (very strange) feet. They looked fine. I saw no thorns or stickers. I felt up and down his leg for broken bones and tried to gauge his reaction, to determine if he felt tenderness or pain in any particular spot. He did not seem to, but I'm no vet and I've definitely never examined chicken feet before. We've just been picking him up a little each day, but we aren't sure how to help him. He no longer goes up on the roosting bar at night, and doesn't keep up with the other chickens when he's in the yard, We regularly just find him sitting in one spot. Today I pushed all his fluff away from his eyes and saw that they were half-closed and watery. Also, today he moved around the yard very slowly, and seemed uninterested in the other chickens. He spent a long time near the hose spigot and drinking from the dripping water. I was happy to see him drinking, but I'm concerned that I haven't seen him eat in awhile. I posted this on my local chicken keepers forum and got advice to get him some Vitamin B mixed into nutritional yeast and then sprinkled over his food. I put a small bowl of feed with yeast in front of him in the coop tonight, but he made no move toward the feed. He seems totally listless.[​IMG]

    I haven't had an opportunity to examine his poop, but there was very runny poop nearby him today...could have been his.

    He's breaking my heart. What does one do with a sick chicken?

    Thank you for any wisdom you can share!
  2. knittingmolly

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    Sep 5, 2010
    I'm so sad to report that Fluffy Slippers died today. I wish I had known better how to help him. Whatever was afflicting him, it progressed very quickly. All the other chickens seem healthy and happy. I'm wondering if Silkies are more prone to sickness because they are so heavily bred to look adorable? I'm also wondering if I should be expecting the rest of the flock to show signs of illness as well...?

    If anyone can share Silkie insights, I would be grateful. I think I'll call a vet in the morning to gather more information.
    We're just plain sad, and my poor kiddos cried themselves to sleep tonight. He was everybody's favorite.
  3. perolane

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    Jun 20, 2010
    I don't have any answers for you...just wanted to say I'm very sorry. [​IMG]
  4. belaf5

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    Feb 12, 2012
    Hi, I have the same thing happening with my silkie rooster-but his eyes still look ok.
    It looks like he has a broken toe though-but im not sure. He cant walk at all and we have him inside in a box with a wheat pack to keep him warm.... very worried... hes really special to us all too, he knows we are looking after him and is so grateful-i hope he gets better.
    Im really sorry to hear about your little one, its so upsetting to hear about. peace.

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