My silkie did the squat!!


7 Years
Oct 24, 2012
Fort Bragg, Ca
SO excited! My 16 week old silkie is squatting for me!
When I reach out to pet her she drops as low to the ground as she can get! Her wings aren't out though. Does this mean she will lay soon?
I have two different types of Silkies. One is not a good quality gal that came from the equivalent of Tractor Supply Company. She is a hatchery Silkie and started laying for me at 6 months. She lays very reliably too. My other are Splash Silkies from a breeder with show parents. They are 9 months old, have been squatting for me for about 2 months now, and still no eggs. The type of Silkie matters, so it depends on which type you have. I have also heard that Buff Silkies lay even later than the rest.
She is a bearded silkie that I got from the local feed store (so hatchery, not very good quality), with really bad feet feathering. In fact, her body feathering just became fluffy and decent looking. I really only got her for the cuteness, but the eggs will be a good gift too!
I Posted a picture of my silkie, got her a day ago, people say its about 6 months and that it is a i petted her on the back and it seemed like she squatted for me, tried a few times and did it every time..can a cockerel squat????
Mine took about 10 months to lay. But they were fall chicks so they started laying the next spring

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