My Silkie died, why????

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    Mar 29, 2008
    Ok, I am at my wits end here.

    I bought a Silkie that was to be 2-3 months old and a Frizzled that was probably about 4 weeks old.

    I bought both of them together the day after Easter.

    For no apparent reason the Frizzled died that Friday and my Silkie died today.


    The Frizzled did not appear sick or anything like that, one minute she was up and doing fine, went back a few hours later and she was dead.

    Tonight, my Silkie was doing fine (so I thought), I went to check on her and she was dead.

    Now I did notice that yesterday she was much quieter, but was still eating and drinking, 2 days ago, she was starting to get some poo on her bottom, I checked to make sure it wasn't stuck to her and it wasn't, it wasn't diarrhea, looks like maybe she got some on her. But tonight when I went to clean her bottom off, there was alot, but not around her cloaca (sp), but all over the bottom of her.

    So what caused this? My son is distraught, this was his daughter as he calls her.

    I replaced the Frizzled now I am concerned for her health.

    I want to get another Silkie but not sure if I should get another one from the lady I bought the first 2 from.

    My new Frizzled was so filthy I had to bath her, she is still scratching her head, I don't see any lice or anything like that, but I did not wash her head, she is yellowish white on all but her head, her head is dingy, dirty looking. She is just getting over a real bad eye infection in which probably happened from her scratching her head.

    Now, I have rasied 7 ducks, 1 Brahma and never had a lick of trouble during the growing years.

    Please give me your input.
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  3. mom2joshcanpark

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    Mar 29, 2008
    I do think this relates to me as all 3 chicks were out of the same coop.
    Thanks though.

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