My silkie floated around in the pool with me... like a duck!

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  1. Tigress

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    Jul 15, 2010
    I've got a juvenile white silkie hen... and if there is one thing she likes during this Texas heat it is WATER. She loves being sprayed gently with the hose and splashing in small puddles. I've even taken her in the shower with me once and she had a ball.

    So she was panting this afternoon (I think it was 105 degrees out) and I felt really bad for her because she was too stupid to know where the shade was in our yard... and apparently she was too stupid to know that she should be scared of water. I carried her with both of my hands underneath her and her legs between my fingers, and had her wade into the pool with me. She instantly relaxed and let her legs go limp when she got to deeper water.

    I slowly released my hold on her and she just sits there like a duck and clucked at me! The way she was bobbing up and down with the waves made me LOL. I eventually took her out after a few minutes of relaxing and put her back with the others.

    FYI the pool water was warm, almost like bathwater. It is also salt-water based, no chemicals.

    If I take her into the water with me again I'll have a family member take pictures of us so you can see!

    If you look on the thread called "Show me pictures of stock from Ideal..." or something along those lines in the Breeders/Hatchery Forum, one of the last pages I believe has her on on it.
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    One of our junior exhibitors here in North Texas has a buff Silkie that she does that with.

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