My Silkie Has A Closed and Infected Eye

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    The meanie chickens have pecked the life out of one of my Silkie's eye and now it's swollen with some white stuff where the eye closes and there are some yellow stuff that looks like sap on it too. Can this be "cured"?

    Silkie Rooster About 1 Year Old
    Quiet Runs Away From Alpha Rooster Because He Attacks Him (Behavior)
    For about 2-3 days I think (Symptoms)
    No (Same Symptoms other Birds)
    Infected Eye (Bleeding, Injury, Broken Bones)
    Other Chickens Pecking its Eye (What Happened)
    Finely Crushed Corn and Fresh Water and Greens (What It Has Eaten)
    Never Looked (How Poop Looks Like)
    None Yet (Treatment)
    I need to do it myself (How It's going to be Treated)
    He lives outside in a pen with the flock and there are two houses and a few trees/shrubs and he hangs out with the outcasted roosters and ducks. (Housing)
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