My Silkie Has Bloody Stool


6 Years
Sep 17, 2013
One of my silkies is having bloody stools and I checked her back end this morning and found a half dollar sized hole back there... I'm not sure what happened to her. My other girls aren't ganging up on her at all so I'm not sure what or how it happened. She does have some bloody stool still attached to her back end so I was going to soak her when I got home to get that off. Does anyone have any idea what this could be. I noticed some bloody stool yesterday and thought maybe she was starting to lay and that is why she was a little bloody but it seems to be worse today and that's when I noticed the hole today. Any ideas on how to treat this or what they think might be going on would be greatly appreciated.
I'm sorry as I see this is 3 days old and you've had no replies. I've not seen this personally but if you search here on BYC there are several threads on this topic. There are ways to soak the raw area, clean it and apply common disinfectant ointment to it. I would try to figure out what is causing the issue (pecking, parasites, disease?) as you would have to get at the root of what caused the issue. By figuring out what caused it, you can also narrow down your search to determine how to address it.

Sorry I can't help more and hope you've already gotten it all taken care of by now.

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