My silkie hen was swimming in my pool!!!!

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    It's true! I've got 23 birds of various breeds. They roam my 5 acres freely and I haven't lost any so far. I have a pool in my back yard and have always been afraid one would fall in. I go outside and hang out with my birds quite often during the day and today my worst fear came true!
    There was my smallest little silkie hen swimming around the edge of my pool and could not get out. She was not in a panic though. She looked identical to a duck!!!!! Her whole upper body was floating just like a duck and she was gracefully swimming about looking for a way out along the edge. Amazing! I had NO idea they could swim. I paniced and raced to her, lifted her out, and wrapped her in a towel. She was glad to get out of that cold water I'm sure. I blew her dry with the blow dryer but only her tummy and feet were wet. I just couldn't believe my eyes. I just knew that chickens would sink if they fell in but so far all my birds always stayed clear of the pool. I don't know why she went near it but she obviously did. When I walked outside one of my silkie roosters was giving the alarm call! You know the one,,,if you own silkie roos, there is a specific alarm call they do if something is wrong. This is what took my notice. It is why I even looked around to begin with after hearing his call. Strange thing,,,he was no where near the pool or the hen but I supposed he sensed something was wrong with one of his hens and sure enough he was right.
    I know it was only a matter of time before my little silkie would have gotten to tired to swim, thankfully, I saved her in time. Her name is "Baby". I would have been devistated. Well, just thought I'd share in case anyone was wondering can a silkie bird swim. The answer is YES, but don't try this at home! LOL [​IMG]
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