My Silkie Just Squatted!

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  1. Oh my, i wasn't expecting this so soon. My girls are only 19 weeks. i was getting a little worried about one of them. i thought i had weeded out all the roosters (they made themselves pretty apparent). But one of my little black silkies has been developing little red wattles.

    So i was out in the pen watching everyone. Went to pick up this little girl, Dusty, and she squatted right down for me! So i guess eggs are coming soon. Only thing is, i am not so clear on what to do for a nesting box. Do they like a box low to the ground, or surrounded by something? i bought a double wooden nest box and have it on the concrete floor part of the pen. But everyone just gets in and kicks the straw out. i would be worried an egg would get kicked around. Maybe i can put the nest box inside the small rabbit hutch in the pen. They don't sleep in there.

    Wow, i am so excited! How dinky are these eggs gonna be?
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    Nov 13, 2007
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    I've heard that the nest box on the ground works well because then they don't use it for roosting. Good luck and post pics when you get your first bity eggs. [​IMG]
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    Congratulations [​IMG]

    Silkies seldom lay eggs, though.

    Good luck!
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    My nests are on the ground and my birds just go into the corners and lay their eggs and leave. My first silkie egg was the size of a ping pong ball. LOL I now get golf ball sized ones 6/7 days of the week from my one girl. She is a rather a typical silkie though... lays like a champ and wont even think about brooding some eggs.
  5. Well, i put the nest box inside the low, smaller rabbit hutch. There is a walk ramp up to it, and a lot of the girls go in there during the day to kick the straw around. i put a golf ball in each nest. Then i spent the rest of the day putting my hand over Dusty just to watch her squat down. i also tried it with all the others, but they just scooted off. Hope i get at least a couple girls like yours, Silkiechicken. i could use more eggs here.

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