My silkie roo hates me!!

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    May 15, 2009
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    I hatched 6 silkies last summer. I had three hens and three roosters. My favorite hen (Bluebelle) got a respiratory infection and died. I had a brown leghorn rooster that I raised with the silkie babies. Well as time went on, my brown leghorn decided that he was gonna be boss and he attacked and killed my favorite white silkie rooster and then my partridge rooster. Needless to say, he is no longer a part of my household. So now I'm down to 2 buff silkie hens and one white rooster. He attacks me everytime I get near him. He waits until I turn my back and then comes charging at me. Any advice? At this point, I'm really thinking about giving him away.
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    It sounds like that little boy thinks he is gonna get you!

    I am having a problem with a silky roo attacking my 19 month old daughter. I have to stand right at her side anytime he is out in the yard. And its sad she can't just go feed the chickens the way she used to.

    I dont wan't to give him away because people have alot of pit bulls around here and I don't want him being fed to some dog alive :S I'm not sure what I am going to do.

    I hope you can rehome yours, I know that once he starts attacking you he will not change. Nobody wants to be on gaurd every time they go to the coop.

    Kind Regards!
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    Ya get em under yer arm and carry them to them ..... feed them goodies..until they puke. [​IMG] Iffin that doesn't work. You are not doing it right. [​IMG]
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    For us, nothing has ever worked with the mean roosters. It's no fun when your kids can't go out and feed/pick up the chickens for fear of being attacked. At the same time, you feel kind of bad b/c you did have the roo since he was little and you never know where it could end up - and then you end up chiding yourself for actually considering the feelings of a chicken!![​IMG]. I would just get rid of it. My husband made it easier for me one day after I was debating about what to do with a Turken roo that was mean (he was so cute and friendly as a little baby chick!). My husband said, "all that bird thinks about is corn! Where is the cracked corn? He gets up in the morning looking for it, saying to himself, "gimme some of that corn!" He cares not who or where it comes from! When he gets to his new place, he will be wondering where the corn is, and that is all." I had to laugh and I took him (the roo that is) to the farm supply the next day.
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