My silkie She's SO proud of herself, and well she should be.

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    I was just now measuring for wire on the run that I'm building, and for the first time ever I heard all this commotion of a hen's cackling. I thought to myself that it had to be the silkie that just laid another egg because the other ten (three-month-old Orpington chicks) were running toward the noise to check it out. Sure enough, I looked in the back of the coop on the floor and there was another egg. We've gotten more than a dozen lately. I started telling her what a good girl she was, and she walked over to me, talking to me, to have her head rubbed.
    If I could only have one hen that would/could lay an egg per day, it'd be a silkie.
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    Jun 14, 2008
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    Congrats!! Can't wait to start getting eggs.

    I'm thinking about getting silies. Do they lay daily, or at least pretty often? DBF must be convinced with the promise of eggs... [​IMG]

    He's a big softie, though, and will love any chook I bring home (shhh... don't tell him I know this).
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    As far as I know they lay as many eggs as most of the larger breeds, but they're Bantams, so their eggs are exceptionally small. The small eggs are fine with Anne and me though because we don't eat that many. Anne fried four this morning, two for each of us, and that was all we wanted.
    Edit: Yes, we do get close to one egg per day.
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