my silkies are growing up!

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    ok... is this right for my silkies age? today was warm so i put my silkies out in the chick pen. my auracuana hen was out of her pen so i put her with the silkies (she is sweet and woudn't hurt them)
    one of my silkies at 7 weeks old started danceing for her .
    i also have lil day old chix. when the brooder was dark and i was letting the light cool of, i let my chix visit the big chix brooder and i was just moving them out with the 2 silkies in it too. i saw my black silkie all poofed up and laying in a corner so i snuck 1 of the chix under it to c what would happen. well what do u know, she buffed all up stretched her wings to cover the chick and spred her legs out for the chick. i thought it was the sweetest thing. even when i turned the light back on she didn't get up to eat like the others.
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    Awwww. That is really sweet. Don't you just [​IMG] sweet little chickens?

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