My silkies + genetics question

Feb 17, 2021
Somewhere down in Texas
Hello everyone! I got 2 silkies a couple months ago, and at the end of their quarantine I collected a few eggs from the hen to put in my incubator. I put 4 in the incubator, took 2 out that died, and 2 made it to lockdown. 1 hatched, 1 didn’t, so I have 1 black silkie chick from my pair of silkies.
I’ve heard that black and white are dominate, but white is dominated over black, so if the mom is white and the dad is black would the mom carry the black gene for the baby to be black? I don’t care either way, but I was just curious. :)
I’m 101% sure these are the parents as they were the only chickens that I had in the quarantine pen and had been in there for 3-4 weeks before I collected the eggs.

Chick 3A44371D-2C38-4E1F-A0BE-95EBD999B288.jpeg

B151FE85-1839-47A2-9726-5636DB28C407.jpeg 0CF4757B-7C3D-487D-90DE-8B6C5F5CC9FA.jpeg

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Jul 30, 2020
Here are my other 3 silkies I plan to breed next year. I’m pretty sure Romeo (the black one in my first post) is my only silkie rooster, so he will be the dad to all my silkie chicks I hatch.

Popcorn- Red silkie View attachment 2869206 View attachment 2869210 View attachment 2869211 View attachment 2869216
Marshmallow- White silkie
View attachment 2869215 View attachment 2869214 View attachment 2869212 View attachment 2869213
Willow- Splash Silkie
View attachment 2869209 View attachment 2869207 View attachment 2869208
Not sure what you'd get crossed to the red, probably just mixed color.

To the white you should get black split to white.
To the splash you should get blue.

Sounds fun. Silkies are so cute.
Feb 17, 2021
Somewhere down in Texas
Oh, I also got this silver partridge (grey) silkie too! Hopefully a female, but we’ll see. I bought this one from a hatchery though, didn’t hatch it.


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May 16, 2014
As far as I'm aware white silkies are recessive white. I could be mistaken, but leghorns are the only white breed variety that uses dominant white that I am aware of.

So baby would be split to white,
The majority of silkies are recessive whites. Dominant whites are used however to create paints. Would need to test breed if there was any uncertainty (breed white bird to black and see what chicks come out of it).
There are also some lines of Ameraucana that are dominant white as far as I have read. 😊

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