My Silkies looks like she's been threw a shredder.


10 Years
Jun 18, 2009
Tampa, Florida
I have this one Silkies that go shipped with the others I order. How she slipped in nobody knows. However she is 11 going on 12 weeks old now and I don't think she's very pretty. Looks to me as if she's been threw a shredder to me. Or is she just going threw adolescents? None of the other girls pick on her and she stands her ground. But I still LOVE her.

So here she is "Puffy the Ugliest Silkies in The Worllllld!"

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its just a stage she will be very cute and fluffy soon. They all look like that at that age

ETA wait 12 weeks, well she is beardless and hatchery qulity but I think she is cute, she will still fill in lot more
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Oh gosh, yes, she's going to be so cute when she matures! My best girl is now 3 years old, and gorgeous.
Give her time. They definitely go through an ugly "awkward teenage" stage about this time.
Thank you all for the nice comments. I was becoming a little disappointed with her looks. But you all seem to agree that she's still young. It's like some teenagers. They may look a little homely but blossom into beautiful flowers.
Thanks again for all your input. You make my day.
I'll see what happens and let you know if I want to give her away to you.
She seems out of place with the others. The only Bantam Silkies, I have. I got these chicks so I could get some eggs from them. I'd need a dozen of her eggs to have for breakfast.

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