My sister invites herself to my house, then my other sister and my mom

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    This Christmas my oldest sister, decided she want to have Christmas with only her kids, not @ my moms, were to not go to her house, she didn't want inlaws either. Just a small family Christmas. Ok I understand, that's whet she wants no problem.
    Christmas day I bundle up my kids, go to my moms, my whole side there, just not my eldest sister.

    Fast forward to boxing day, my eldest sister told my other sis, that's she's hoping to come here news years day. So my other sis cc, my mom, my eldest sister, and me in an email. " We want to be kept in the loop, if your headed to her house, we would like to go to, my mom chimes in, yup, we would like to go too, nobody has saw my sisters kids this Christmas, so they would all come to my house, for my sisters kids to open their gifts.. ok, that's sounds great, but just yesterday, I drove over an hour on Christmas day to do this with my family [​IMG] if we were gonna do a Christmas here, I wouldnt've have gone to my moms. So what my "kids get to sit here and watch my sisters kids open gifts for an hour, while they get nothing? I have to clean my house up ect, make a day of it, cause my sis wanted to have Christmas at home!! If I say no to family I will look like a ...... for not wanting to have them. My mom wanted Christmas on Christmas say I was there. I did Christmas with inlaw family at my house on boxing day, with a 46 pound turkery... If my family wanted to come here, I would've done it all on the same day!!

    I only have Sat, Sun, Mon, off over Christmas then back to work!! Maybe I would like some quiet time with my family!!! So annoyed with eldest sister!! I feel like sending them a note, My dd bday party will be Jan 8, you are welocome to meet us then.

    My eldest sis even had the nerve to mention that maybe I could drive back into the city, (where my mom lives and meet her then) What I just drove there on Christmas day.. So you wanted a nice Chritmas at home with your family, your making all this work for me!! And she and her hubby have 2 weeks off!! I have 3 days [​IMG] What the heck!!

    What would you tell your family, there all awiting a reply!!
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    Dec 9, 2010
    I would tell them its not happening. It ticks me off to no end when people show up uninvited/unannounced neighbors and family alike. Also ticks me off when they stay till all hours of the night. Tell them you have to go back to work.

    A 46 pound turkey? Dang that's a big bird.
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    I would tell them all in the most politeness I could buzz off, that you want family time with your kids. Either that or they best bring some things for your kids to open, you shouldn't mind putting them out, as much as they don't mind putting you out, right? Family has a tendency to make strange assumptions about their welcomness at my house sometimes as well. I love them, but family can be so....unwelcome guests at times when you just want to rest. Good luck to you on this one, my family is usually persistent and can't take a hint. So I usually have to s-p-e-l-l it out for them and feelings sometimes gets hurt. You'd think that would discourage them [​IMG] but it doesn't [​IMG] Hope you do get some rest during your time off though either way this turns out [​IMG]
  4. Mattemma

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    Aug 12, 2009
    I would uninvite everyone who invited themsleves to my house simply by saying via email," Sorry,but we are not up for hosting a party at our home.We are spending time at home alone(as your eldest sister did)."

    CC to everyone and tell them to pick a new home for the party/gathering as your home is not an option.

    No need to follow through on something you do not want to do.Life is to short for that!
    Otherwise you can start prepping for another family gathering,and perhaps buying something for the kids to open during the party.

    I had no idea you could buy a 46 pound turkey.Is that a typo? I recall cooking a big turkey one year,and the outside was golden but the inside raw/pink....gross.

    Best wishes whatever you decide to do!
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    Feb 20, 2008
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  6. MeatKing

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    Thank-you everyone, I just sent the email.. Saying my house was not an option, we would be having a quiet News Year here and do not want to see anyone. I don't feel as quilty with all your replies :0) It's nice to have back-up on here [​IMG] I also told them we were pooped after doing Christmas at mom's. It took all I could do not to invite then to my eldest sis for New Years meal @ her house.. I didn't though..

    Still waiting for the fireworks when they recive the email!!
    Yes it waS a 46 pounder turkery we raised it.. Although I will never let them get that big again! It was cooked through `11 hours at 325.. very good, but too much work.. Ei, I can't lift the bird, (fractured rib)
  7. teach1rusl

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    Your reply is exactly what I would have said...copy elder sister's request of having a small, quiet celebration with just your family - except for NYears instead of Christmas. And if you have a fractured rib, you shouldn't be toiling away to prepare a big family get-together anyway...
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    May 31, 2008
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    Yup, stick to your guns. Sis got the Christmas she asked for. Do what YOU want and are happy with.
  9. MeatKing

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    Got an email back from my mom, saying she understands. Then my eldest sis email me and asked, if I could get the gifts to my moms this week sometime for her kids.. Ahh, when I talked her her Christmsa eve, she said don't bring them to moms.. She will come here for dd bday party Jan. 8th.. grr... She is driving me nuts! I wrote her back saying, word for word what she told me.. Then ended by saying I didn't realize she wanted to celbrate Christmas on Newyears, and that had she had told me that the presents would've been there!! Ahh what the heck, it's like she just mad at me for saying not my house, she knows I have a busy week, I just told her.. Then she adds to it!! Could be the most selfish person in the world i think!!

    So now again I have to either go way out've my way for her, well for her kids.. or I have to have dissapointed neices and neafews [​IMG]

    I run a house cleaning company and have extra houses on ever day this week!! plus people will be home and in our way!! I have no extra time to be worring about anything else then getting through each day!!
  10. screager312

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    Dec 9, 2010
    I would tell SIS you are going by her original email thats why you didn't take them to your moms to begin with. It's not your problem she changed her mind. I would keep the presents there until they came over for the party. If she wants her kids to open them before then she can make the trip to your house to pick them up. You are to busy and she has the weekend off. Don't let her put you on a guilt trip

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