My sister was harassed at a farmer's market! RANT!!

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    The shift key does not work on this keyboard, so please pardon the grammar.

    Anyway, I have been going to this farmer's market since last summer, selling eggs, veggies. I went by myself all summer and most of the fall. In our state, a law was passed last summer, 'cottage law' allowing people to sell baked goods out of their own kitchens, so my mom said that she would try selling bake goods this year at the market, mini pies, cookies, and gluten-free bake goods to help pay the bills. So she did, and she sended one of my 5 sisters, age 16, with me, age 22, to sell the bake stuff, while I did the eggs and the veggies. The market started in June, we had some good weeks, and some poor ones 'weather related'. The customers were raving my mom's baked goods, and kept coming back for more each week. [​IMG] It went fine until today. [​IMG] I had just gotten a new seasonal job at a blueberry farm, 2 days ago, and I have to work from 10;30 to 5;30. So my oldest sister-age 19 volunteered to take my place, and it was her first time to go to to the market. I was fine with that, so I got everything ready before I left for work. When I got home from work close to 6 pm, I noticed that the truck that my sister drives was home before I was even home, for the market ends at 7 pm. Puzzled, I went in the house, and my mom was canning beans from what did not sell at the market. I asked her, how did the market go, and why was my sisters home early, was it to hot for the market? She told me this amazing tale regarding my sisters at the market.

    It was hot and windy at the market, and slow, but my sisters had sold 5 dozen eggs, some rhubarb, and a bit of baked goods. [​IMG] Then this health inspector came to the market, and started going through the vendor's booths checking stuff, and when she came to my booth, and started asking question regarding our stuff in a very superior way, like- 'Is this lemon meringue pie?' My sister said 'yes.' 'Well does it have eggs?' My sister said 'yes, of course.' 'It HAVE to be kept in refrigeration.' said the inspector. [My sister tearfully called my mom after the inspector left, and my mom went online to check the lemon meringue pie, my mom found that lemon meringue pies can be kept in a room Temperature for a week! And the pies were baked, so there is no raw stuff in it!] She said that each of the baked goods have to be labeled, even though there is labels in front of each baked goods. Then she saw my eggs, and said that they have to be in refrigeration, and that I HAVE to buy egg cartons, not reusing used cleaned egg cartons, having write the date on them. [​IMG] I have never had a customer in 8 years complained of my eggs! I keep the eggs in the igloos to keep them cool for there is no refrigerators at the market. She kept harassing my sister, and my sister was getting very angry by the minute, and her answers were getting shorter and shorter. When the inspector FINALLY left to harass someone else, my sister turned to my other sister and said ' Ooh I wanted to punch her in the face!' An hour later, a market manger came by, and did not see my older sister, for she was standing to the side of the tent, holding it down for it was very windy, and he was asking for me, and my younger sister said that I was not here, my older sister said 'hey, you don't talk to her, I am right here.' He said to her that she have to label every one of the bake goods, otherwise the health inspector will throw them in the trash! [​IMG] [​IMG] My sister was not able to do it for it was too windy, and she was trying to keep things from blowing away. He said that the health inspector was nice to her on the first time, but will not be nice the second time she comes by again. Nice? NICE? The health inspector was nice? So my sister stood up and said 'THE GOVERNMENT IS TOO BIG AND HAVE TOO MUCH CONTROL OVER US.' He said ' well that is the way it is.' [​IMG] [​IMG] While she was talking to him, she was crying. So she ended up leaving early, and some of the vendors helped my sisters pack up, and one of the vendors said 'if I had known that they were giving you a hard time I would have stood up for you. [​IMG]' during the whole time my sisters were wishing that I was there, so I will make sure I will be in the market next week to defend our stuff. [​IMG] I am so angry that the health inspector had spoiled my oldest sister's first day at the market, and gave her a hard time. [​IMG]
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    Hmmm... I can definitely see where you are coming from, and the inspector sounds like a jerk.... but the rules are rules... Whether or not you agreee with them, you still have to follow them.

    Just my 0.02. Goodluck in the future! [​IMG]
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    send your sisters my condolences
    that was very, very harsh of the inspector [​IMG]
    I would like to see them try to hold down a tent and label pies at the same time
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    If you don't follow the rules, they can shut you down. You may not like or agree with them, but that's the reality.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Inspectors are generally uninformed about their own job. You need to know the rules and I would print them out and have on hand for next time. Make sure you are in the right, then when it happens again you have a very good reason to wage a complaint. Which I would, I'm sorry but there is no reason to cause a girl to cry over pie. I would still complain about that anyway even if you didn't know the correct rules. There is no reason a government official cannot act with the same amount of civility as the McDonalds cashier.
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    You need to learn how to work with those people and not rile them up.

    I am sure she could have labeled some things despite the wind. There is tape, be more prepared next time. What the inspect was saying to do only really makes sense. Pies do need to be labeled that they don't have raw eggs. Label them next time.

    Just keep saying, 'Okay, thanks', cooperate, do what they tell you, and otherwise, don't let your temper show.

    Guess what? Inspector can make your life miserable, so work with, not against. Find out how to keep them out of your hair ahead of time. Ask questions, use the information.

    Don't listen to people here saying inspectors don't know their job - they are just encouraging people to take on a bad attitude - this kind of talk makes more problems than it solves. The people here encouraging a bad attitude won't be lining up to buy your pies and eggs - just remember that. Big talk is cheap.

    Just wipe the chip off the shoulder and learn to work with them. Find out any other rules they have and cooperate with them.

    If you can call their office and in a NICE WAY, ask for 'helpful advice on how to prepare products for the farmer's market', do it. If you can't do it without getting a sour attitude, ask someone else to do it. 'Hi, how are you today? That's great. I'm fine, thanks. I just have a couple questions about preparing foods for the farmer's market. Do you have a brochure or web site that advises as to how to prepare and label baked goods and eggs for the market? Sure, I'll wait....dum de dum de dum......Hi. Okay, yes I can find that website page. Thank you so much. I may need to call again with more questions - is this the right number to use? Okay. If I need to ask the inspector directly, what are her office hours? Oh okay. Thank you. Have a great day, bye'.

    Egg cartons are cheap. Signage is cheap. Find out what ehlse they want and do it.

    What they wanted in exchange for you to be able to sell out of the farmer's market sounded pretty darn minimal to me and no real reason to get so mad about it.

    Again, if you listen to people here encouraging you to be resentful against the inspectors, you will make more problems for yourself.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] I 100% agree with wc. [​IMG]
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    I think your point was the rudeness of the Inspector. There is no reason for being mean just because you can. Your youthfulness put you at a disadvantage here. BUT...the rules are the rules and you and your sisters have to inform yourselves and be prepared for next time. Make sure you have all your ducks in a row before going back, because that inspector will be looking for you.
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