My sister's pig, PINK and her TV debut!


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Feb 14, 2008
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My sister raises pigs and doxie dogs and this year she had litters galore! Well, one of her litters of pigs had an extreme runt. One of her doxies had only two pups and one died. She fostered a few pups from another litter to her and she took them right in....then she got a thought. Why not the runt of the litter? At least he won't get trampled and he might get a meal. So, she did and that little dog took him right in. He was the same size as her newborn, miniature doxie pups! She licked him and babied him and nursed him.

I hope this link works. Well, he made the internet by sheer accident and then his fame spread. Folks clear from California wanted to buy Pink. Now The Ellen DeGeneres Show wants to feature him! My sister is going to write a children's book on him, so she is considering accepting this offer, just to promote the book. Cool, huh? He is still only a few pounds while his litter mates are huge pigs now. He uses a special place in his crate to do his business and is thoroughly house trained. She was going to sell him but I think she is changing her mind. He sure is cute! And some lady bought 4 of the doxie pups that were for sale. Maybe she wanted to get that special nurturing trait displayed by sis's doxie dogs! Hope you enjoy Pink's story!


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Mar 27, 2008
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That is crazy. I hope he is healthy... poor little guy.

It's also neat to read the other stories linked to that one. I read about the little pig, a blind dog, and an orphaned hippo.

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