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    When I was young and in middle school; we lived on a small farm near bethel Ohio. My moms flock lived in a sizable hen house with a big yard. It had a large set of roosts setting at one end of the building and it rose up enough that even our white rock hens could get to a rafter and get down without hurting their feet, The rafter not that high,
    My older sister.(there were four of us) was our professed "city kid" was never into things country. However she liked her eggs so fresh. She would stand outside the henhouse and wait tikk she heard an 'egg song" and go in and pull the still damp egg from under a hen.
    One evening found us doing some chores in the hen house when she saw a hen allready in the aformentioned rafter settling down for the night. this hen was a fluffy white rock with the typically fluffy bottom. Tempted She reached up to touch those fluffy feaths cooing "oooh chickee" As her fingers made contact the hen twitched her backside and my sister's Oooh chickee chickee suddenly turnd to "Eeeew chickee!!!!" the hen had made a deposit right in the palm of her hand.
    To say the least that was the last time she ever gave a hen a "feelie" LoL

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    Yikes! It surprised me the first time I got a fresh egg and it was slick! I didn't know if it was okay and almost cooked it for the chickens :)

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