My son fed the chicks quite a few mealies!


11 Years
Mar 19, 2008
Melbourne Florida
We have them for our sugar gliders. I guess Bryan heard his Daddy and I talking about giving them to the chickens too.

Well he did. Is that okay?? Is it going to hurt them??

I can't imagine he gave them more that a few before he got caught
How old are the chicks? I'm sure they'd jump on any bugs they would find outside, but it does depend on how many they ate. You should offer them the small size grit, and probably keep it available if your son decides to offer any more "treats". They'll probably be fine, but keep an eye on them.
Let us know how they do!
They'll be fine. Their natural diet when young would be bugs. Almost all birds, including seed eaters, start their young on bugs, they need the protien. Bugs are much easier to digest then corn or grain, it's kinda like a protien drink in an edible container.
You can give them small crickets you get at the pet shop. Make sure you get enough, they have alot of fun going after them and it's very natural. And don't worry, they will find every last one.
You can trust the crickets in pet shops, lizards are prone to illness more then chicks. I wouldn't get any bugs or worms from any place other then a pet shop.
One thing, I would only do this if your brooder has high sides and a solid bottom, so the little crickets don't get out, but then cats like them also.
Don't trust any books on how to care for a sugar glider! Search for the Glider Central forum, read their real stories section, and then if you're still interested, learn about them. They are expensive little buggers, plus once in a while you get one that hates any and all people (my female is like that now). This is especially true with rescues. And please, never ever feed a pelleted or hard prepaired diet to them!

With that being said, mealworms are wonderful for the chicks!!! Give them a little grit, and let them have at it. My chicks I had in the past always looked and acted healthier if they were fed mealies when they were younger. Not to mention, it is halarious to see every one of them with a mealie in their beaks, but still trying to run away from everyone else so theirs doesn't get stolen!

Emily in NC
Who is proudly owned by 38 chicks, 2 ducklings, and 4 sugar gliders, not to mention the host of other critters around here, lol.
That is the best definition of a worm I've ever read! (although disgusting too).


I second that def!
Off topic I know but I have a pair of gliders that are 11 years old now. They take much time and care to thrive for that long. Really make sure you want them and then if you decide you do I suggest getting a pair if you can find a vet who will neuter your male or two females if you can't. Gliders are so social I think anyone who keeps them should always make sure they have a friend. We don't know what our life is going to be like 10 years from now and thse little guys can live a very long time! If for some reason you could no longer spend as much time with them in the future, they would have the interaction they need from each other. Getting 2 to start with as babies they are more likely to bond. While they are social they are also territorial and trying to introduce another one later on down the road may not work.

Back to the chicks with the worms, kaylakala I hope your babies are fine this morning. My brooder is in the garage and last night a skeeter eater somehow found it's way in there. The brooder is 3 feet tall and of course the flying bug hung out pretty high. My 2 day old chicks spotted it and it looked like a chicky mosh pit with all the jumping and pecking that ensued!
I thought it would be okay! I wasn't sure because everone was saying to jus give the the feed.

I LOVE my gliders but they are a lot of work. Glider Central ROCKS! Its fun and informative. Just sign on and let them know you're just researching. I have the same screen name there BTW

Also there are gliders out there that need good homes. After you research you can sign up with a rescue if you feel you are ready for ir.

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