My son just fell on two chicks.....

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  1. I don't need any advice, they went quickly. He lost his footing and landed on two when he went down. I am so sad. [​IMG] I feel terrible.

    Boy this sure can be an up and down thing with chicks.
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    Awww - those accidents can happen so quickly!

    So sorry to hear about your chicks!
  3. poulet

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    Mar 17, 2008
    I am so paranoid that that will happen to me. A friend of mine's daughter stood on one of her chicks , she had to kill it as it was still alive . At least yours was quick and hopefully painless. Don't be too hard on yourself :aww
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    sorry for your loss
    accidents happen.

  5. Jolyn

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    How is your son feeling? I hope he's ok.
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    Is your son ok? That must have been pretty traumatic for him!

    I'm sorry for all of you. How awful.
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    Jun 4, 2008
    awww I am so sorry for all of you [​IMG]
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    * Oh, no!! Your poor kid. I bet he's just broken up. . . My ds tore through the house once when he was a kid and killed a baby blackbird I was raising. I was so mad, and I really laid into the kid, b/c I'd told him probably 6OO times not to run into the house or through it. Well, he was traumatized as it was and my blistering tongue-lashly didn't help. He was like a mouse for at least a month. Sorry about your chickees, too.[​IMG]:aww
  9. Oh thanks everyone. My poor son feels terrible, and he saw me cry, which rarely happens. I just felt so awful and it happened so quickly. I supervise them so carefully but I wasn't next to him as he started to fall over.

    His dad picked up a new (old) beater truck with an extended cab just now, so that made him feel better.

    I know these chicks are fragile, and pray we can get the rest of them to adulthood.

    Bless my dh (who didn't want any chickens to begin with, or any of the animals we have for that matter). When he came home and the kids told him and he saw my face, he said "Call the folks you got them from and get some more." Now that was sweet.

    Thank you again. This is such a great place. If I told this story to most of the folks I know, they would make some joke about cooking them up or something.
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    Quote:[​IMG] That was sweet!!!!!! What a guy!!!!
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