My Son saw a rat!

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Skye727, Dec 27, 2014.

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    Jun 20, 2014
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    He saw a large gray rat by the duck house. The ducks attacked it and it ran towards the chicken house. Will they be good watch dogs if the rat comes back? I'm going to try to rat proof this week. Bought some bobcat urine and a rat trap. Need to get the food off the floor and get the eggs asap. In the ICU with my Daughter right now, so not much I can do to help my poor girls. I feel so helpless.
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    The ducks will catch him and eat him if he's not too big. I had that trouble and now have two Tom cat's and they keep the mice n rats under control.
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    Remove all wood piles and tall grass from around your coops. Piles of anything in addition to feed on the ground for them to forage will draw them in. I never saw a rat here until we thinned a lot of trees, let in sun and pasture grasses and tall weeds took over, things that would not grow under deep shade. Also, we had lots of stuff just shoved under one coop and it was blocked off so the birds could not get underneath. We knew rats were under there because the birds would freak out and peer underneath and we'd seen their silhouettes under there from time to time. When we cleaned it all out and left it open and cut down the tall growth, the rats beat it out into the woods again. But, the point is, don't give them super great places to hide near your coops.

    In November, a stray tomcat showed up and stayed and now, the little rodents are running for their lives. He doesn't bother the chickens and cruises under every coop he can get under, striking fear in the hearts of rats and mice everywhere. Good boy, Finn. Will work for cat chow, LOL.
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    I myself have never had any problems with rats or mice around my chickens and ducks. It is true that the ducks will try to catch it but I am not too sure though if they will eat it. I've heard quite the opposite - rats attacking ducks. They will chase it though because it's a threat and they want it out of there.
    Like finding mice and rats in your house, get rid of all of the possible food that is laying out and put it in metal trash bins or even put away completely and also don't put out a lot of food that your animals won't eat and will just sit there. If you have boredom busters (like hanging vegetables, fruit, seed, etc.) I would temporarily take them away until you no longer see a rat. If you have to, feed them in their coop/pens in dishes and not on the ground.

    Don't feel helpless! These things happen - it's nature! We're here for you! The ducks will stand guard until they see the rat again and continue chasing it away. Typically the rat won't come back because of the ducks but it's always better to take extra precautions.

    Good luck and I hope your daughter is okay!

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