My son was right! Scary!!

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    My 4 year old son would tell me 'I Dont want to sleep in my room.. The closet door opens.'
    Well I always just told him to put something in front of it and it wont open.

    Ok so I know the closet was closed because I was in there earlier that night. Everyone was sleeping in our bed because we had been watching a movie together. I was still awake when the movie went off so I got up and got on the computer for a few minutes. I decided I wanted to watch Scooby Doo in my room but it was in my sons room.
    Well I walk in there and the closet door was standing open [​IMG]
    I whispered to myself 'He was right!'

    So I thought I could just grab the movie and get out quickly but about half way into the room...
    You know that heavy feeling that comes over you? You feel like youre being watched or somewhere where you arent welcome?
    That is the feeling I got as I reached the middle of the room. The air seemed so thick I turned around and rush back to my room. I didnt feel right till I was wedged between my SO and the bed [​IMG]

    I dont really know what to make of this
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    Jul 5, 2009
  3. wow. I don't think I'd make DS sleep in there until you make some changes. I advise getting a sage smudge stick (a bundle of sage that you light, then blow out, like incense, then wave all over the closet area (or even the whole house) while saying things like "fill our house with peace' and that kind of thing), and definitely putting a latch on the closet door, so it CAN'T open by it's self anymore. I remember being terrified of my closet as a kid. They can be really scary. Sometimes at night, especially when I'm outside, I get the exact same feeling. I swear our land is haunted, but not by a mean ghost or anything, it's just a tangible feeling of WILD out there. makes me come inside fast, lock the doors, and shut the windows. scary!
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    Yikes! Who lived thee prior to you? How old is your house?
  5. chicknduck

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    May 21, 2010
    Spooky I would do some research on the history of the property.
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    Aug 3, 2009
    were having a similar 'thing' in our student house in Belfast ... Ireland

    I must actually find the pictures of the sign we found in the attic ... (when we researched it ... turned out there was a person called Dr.INSERT NAME ) ahhhhh
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    Quote:I second this.
  8. SarahFair

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    The house was built only in 2001 so about 9 years ago..
    But there were weird things that looked like blood splatter in some places. I dont know if it was blood but it had that rusty color to it.
    It was on the ceilings and walls but its not like a clean up crew would leave that here... right?

    I showed the Kerby man a spot on my carpet in my sons room I told him I couldnt get up. He looked at it and said it was blood. To me though its too perfectly edged off.

    How do you go about finding history of property?
  9. you figure out what your address is, and then you can google incidents that may have occured since the house was built, and before you moved in... or you can ask your neighbors!
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    I would suggest adjusting the hinges and/or latch on the closet door to make sure that they are functioning properly. As temps and humidity change and houses age, sometimes hinges or latches need to be readjusted to make them work properly.

    If your son is still afraid of the closet you could try using a trick I used for my daughter when she was about the same age and was afraid of "spider webs". I took a can of air freshener and made a paper cover for the can that read "Jessica's Spider Web Spray". When it was time for her to go to bed we sprayed the "Spider Web" spray in the room to chase them away. Worked like a charm.

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