My son's best friend overdosed last night, he'll be ok, warning signs?

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    My son's best friend overdosed on Vicoden last night at about 8pm. His ex-girlfriend, who had been a 6th grader of mine several years ago, called Steven because she didn't know what to do. He called her and told her he had taken them because she broke up with him last week. She didn't know if it was true, a plea for attention, or if he was lying to her, but she was scared, had no way to get to him and no way to contact his family.
    Jessie is a good kid, has had problems but nothing serious, mainly not going to school when he should. His brother on the other hand has a record starting Juvie and going on into adult charges, and was released from jail again just last weekend. He was the first one I thought of who might have supplied him.
    Anyway, when the girl called Steven, he brought me the phone I talked to her and then called 911 to get them started to his house and told them I would meet them there, that his mom was in Las Cruces at her sister's house according to him when he talked to Brie, and his brother was at some party. I beat the ambulance and the SO there, knocked on the door and Jessie answered it crying and scared because he didn't really want to do it, and just did it anyway. I asked him how many he took, was he sure, where did he get them, were there anymore, etc. He told me he got then at school from a student who was also a former student of mine. I asked him why he hadn't called his mom yet, he didn't know his Aunt's phone number, she got married again and had a different name and didn't want the kids to know the phone number because of his brother's trouble and calling her from jail etc. By that time the SO arrived, ambulance was there, and since he is 17 they didn't need a parent's signature to transport and treat him, and since it was an overdose they would have treated him anyway. By 11 his stomach had been pumped, he had taken 8 of them, he was lucky, very lucky.

    I believe he truly thought he would get sick, throw them up, not feel well; but I really don't think he looked at it as dying due to his actions.

    I got angry at the medic in the ambulance, he treated Jessie very badly, of course he doesn't know the kid, and assumed this was not a one time thing, assumed he is a hoodlum, gangbanger, etc.
    He started asking Steven if he was taking drugs too, did they do this regularly, and of course Steven is in shock that his best friend would have done this anyway and had no idea why he was being attacked, which made me even angrier. I told Steven to take the truck and go sit with Brie and I'd ride to the hospital with Jessie. He wasn't happy about that, but he did it, then came to the hospital after her parents got home from a wedding and were there for her.

    Jessie will be ok. He will be ok physically, not mentally, or emotionally for a long time. What he did is sinking in now, he is 17, not a child, and this will now be on his permanent record, attempted suicide by OD. He will be sent to the alternative HS because he purchased drugs at the school, he might get to graduate with his class next year if he keeps his nose clean and gets in no further trouble.

    Steven is ok physically, mentally and emotionally his is not. His best friend just came close to dying. He watched him cry, he watched him beg me not to let him dye, he watched him scream at me to tell his mother he loved her, and he watched me ride away in an ambulance with his best friend, while he went to comfort a teenage girl who now thinks it is her fault a young man tried to take his life.

    Brie is physically exhausted, mentally unstable right now, and emotionally drained. She is a wonderful, loving, giving, young lady I have known since she was in Kinder. She decided she is too young to date, was too busy in school and church, and didn't have enough time to dedicate to a relationship, so she told him this honestly.

    Me, I'm tired. I'm confused. I'm hurt. I'm scared. I've got a ton of kids here right now looking for support and grounding.

    Go hug your children and tell them how valuable they are, how much you love them, how much you appreciate them, and no matter how much trouble they get in, or cause you, or the heartaches they bring you, you will always, always, love them.

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    looks like you needed a Hug or two!
    God works in odd ways you know!
    We will keep them in our prayers!

  3. Goodness. That's quite a night. I'm so thankful that you were able to be there for Jessie last night. I'll be keeping you, Steven, Brie, Jessie, and everyone's families in my prayers.
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    I'm glad you were there for him. I'm also happy that it was caught soon enough. Get some support for yourself as well as the kiddos. You'll need it too, when this all sinks in.

    Wishing you all the good.....
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    God be with him and his family. God bless your son for making good decisions.

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    Having been there myself with my step son in August, I just want to hug you and tell you that things will work themselves in whatever manner was meant to happen. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Hi...i'm so sorry for everyone involved in this! how sad! but,...i am hopeful for this boys recovery because, he was afraid after he did it...he didnt really want to die...he let you in the house and didnt fight the medics/doctors when they were trying to save think he may realize now that its no joke and he could have REALLY concern now is for the other teens that witnessed this..poor kids! [​IMG] guys are in my thoughts!, best wishes, Wendy
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    [​IMG] I'm so sorry. I lost a friend in HS who OD'd on horse tranquilizers [​IMG] I know it's rough.
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    Glad you were there for him. I try to let my sons friends know they can always talk to me and his one friend used to talk to me all the time before he joined the marines.

    My son had some trouble about 2 weeks, with the law, his girlfriend broke up with him and he decided he didnt care what he did and got into trouble with his friend. I told him, the girls may come and go but the only person who controls what happens in your life is you. I think its just all those hormones and feeling bigger than they are.

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    Remind your son and the (ex) GF how good a job they did by going to someone who knew what to do. That took a lot of brains and guts!

    Remind Brie that she does NOT owe the lad anything for anything that happened. I'm sure he's confused and troubled, but she should not return to a relationship that she wasn't ready for in the first place, now that it will be even more complicated after all this. She won't be doing either of them any favours.

    Sorry to preach, I wish I could be there to brew a pot of tea and provide company and hugs to you NOW. Normally the talking comes after a good bit of comfort comes first. Darn distance and computers!!! ((virtual hugs))

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