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Nov 18, 2009
Central Indiana
I thought I would finally share this story. My kids got 2 baby chicks last year at our town fall festival. We were told 1 was a RS(Renny) and the other (Chicken Little, ironically) they weren't sure she is very sweet and my son loves her. Over time I thought she was probably a White Rock that seemed big, but I had no experience with chickens so I knew nothing. Well, she has made it through a lot. There was the dog attack in Jan, that cost her some feathers and some bruising, but I nursed her back and a week later she started laying her first egg at 17 weeks. When the hatchery catalogs arrived this spring, my heart sank as I opened to the page with the Cornish X. OMG, there was CL looking right at me. At first I didn't want to believe it since she consistently has an egg every other day and everyone talks about their leg problems which she wasn't having. However, she seemed to be still growing. By the beginning of April, I wanted to add to our flock. I couldn't deny my suspicions about CL she weighs 16 pounds, began to have a limp, I fear that her days were probably numbered. I started to prepare my son that his beloved pet would need to be put down if her health declined. He made the plead for her that she's happy and healthy right now and we shouldn't do anything yet. I agreed because she was happy, she follows us around while I'm gardening and loves to sit next to him and have him stroke her neck till she falls asleep. Since then we got 7 new chicks, then Renny was taken by a hawk (in front of CL) and 2 weeks ago a coon got into the run and took 6 of our chicks (with CL in the run too). Her leg has not gotten any worse, she can still run fast a few feet to catch a flying bug. She still seems in very good health to me and most importantly happy. I know that many will think it terrible to keep her alive and if I believe she was suffering I wouldn't. I just am amazed that she is turning 9 months and what a special chicken she is to us.
I too have a cornish X that my family loves. My husband (once an avid hunter) will not cull her and eat her. He says she is a pet. She is very sweet and loves to be petted. I live in an area that is extremely hot and humid. We make life as good as we can for her. Extra ice, lots of watermelon, shade. I am hoping she makes it through our long hot summer.

Can I ask...What food do you feed yours? Does she range?

Southernbelle. thanks for the link. I may try the asprin.

Fours2many, I'm a Floridian so I know what you mean about the heat. It's been very hot and humid up here the last couple of weeks. I keep the coop under a huge maple tree that provides shade in the summer, but the run gets sunlight. Since she can't sleep on the roost, her belly tends to get messy. On the hot days she likes to sit on the hose while the water is coming out lightly. She will let me spray her belly after a while to try and clean her up. I haven't tried and dish soap, but I'm thinking about it. As for food, I haven't restricted her much. She loves scratch grains which is 11% protein and I feed her 16% layer crumbles. I have noticed lately that if I keep her food in the run she will eat a lot so I have started to keep her food in the coop that way she has to walk to get it. I usually throw out some scratch on the ground and she eats the grass, bugs and dirt. I use to let her free range all the time, but since we have a hawk on our property with babies and coons, I'm leery unless we are outside. When she did free range, she never went far though. She likes to sleep under the evergreens, she always came out whenever someone came home and comes to her name better than any of our dogs or kids, lol. Good luck with your CX this summer. Do you do anything different besides the extra ice and love? Does yours lay eggs regularly?

Here's some better pics

Wonderful! Someone else raising a CX.
We have one...age unknown....that hubby bought thinking they were all Buff Orpingtons. We ended up with 2 CX and 1 white EE. Unfortunately the younger CX had to be put down after suffering from a prolapse. The others are doing great and the EE will actually protect the CX while they stay together all day. Inga is my big girl. She's no where near as pretty as your Chicken Little, but we're still hoping her feathers will all come in soon.
Siler, that's great. CL and Renny were really close, she seems to be very happy with Apache (EE) now. I noticed you live in the same area maybe we got them from the same place. lol. Post a pic of yours. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I have been told by people in the farm stores it's cruel to keep her alive, but she really is happy and health if she wasn't I would never let her suffer. I didn't know what we had since my kids picked them out and begged to have them. My son is an animal lover and LOVES her. It will be a very sad day when we lose her. I would love to let her free range all day, we use to until we lost Renny. I feel bad she isn't out as much as I wish she could be, but when I garden she's always right next to me.
I'll try and get some pics soon. She's a bit dirty at the moment. Or started to crow recently.
It's such a pitiful sound at that. We got he/her from Rural King. I'm pretty sure the EE is a rooster as well. *facepalm*
Hello fellow hoosiers, we too have had chickens with special needs and we are better for it! They have been the best, most loving pets we have ever had and would not trade that for anything! Do what YOU think is best, we all have opinions but it might not be the best for your birds!
ETA: It is a cornish cross and can develop health problems, such as leg issues. They were not intended to be long lived but I really wish you the best of luck with your beautiful bird.
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Siler, yes post some pics. CL isn't looking camera ready these days. When I bathed her I noticed her belly was kind red so I gave her some sprays of Blue Kote so she's a little colorful anymore. I got 7 chicks from Rural King this spring, long story short, while re constructing the run with some temp stuff a coon go in and got 6 of them. The one that is left is an EE, I think it might be a roo. We are starting again with 3 more BO and I go 4 silkies for my son. I hope he will enjoy them. I've been talking to a man in Huntington that breeds several types of rare chickens. I'm planning to get some Barnevelder's 4 pullets and a roo. I can give you his contact info if your interested.

Schultz, Thanks for your encouragement. I know she shouldn't have made it this long. I don't know how long to even guess she will live or stay healthy? You are correct animals that know they have been saved or special needs are the best. They just know it somehow and are so sweet.

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