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    I have a hen who is a little special. I believe she hatched with water on the brain and she needs extra help during the day. If I left her alone she would drink water until she vomite and would drink more water. She is a little slow. We usually feed her crumbled but today we had no choice but to feed her pellets. This is the first time she has eaten pellets succesfully and she overate and stuffed her crop to its limit. She cannot be left alone at night and tonight she keeps adjusting her crop and it seems like she is having trouble breathing because its so full. Should I limit her access to food since she will eat if there is food in front of her? She is a mix silkie at 7-8 months old.
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    I would put her in a crate with water only, and massage her crop several times a day until her crop becomes empty. Offer some plain yogurt for probiotics the second day. Water and crop massage are the best ways to deal with a non-functioning crop.Then after she is better, give her a certain amount of food daily with water. Here are some good links to read about crop impaction:

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