My special needs turkey Jack

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    When we rescued Jack some months back we knew he had feet and leg issues. His feet healed well still walks with care but his legs just aren't normal. So when we built his coop he had two step ups. One was to get into the human door so we filled and packed the step up with dirt that way he would easily walk up the little mound of dirt right in. His door step up was a little higher. So we build a wooden ramp but when he walked down it he slid. This scared the hell out of him so he refused to use the door. I put runners on it but I those seemed to hurt his toes. Then I covered the ramp with non skid paper and it worked like a dream in and out he went. Two days ago I noticed he wasn't using his door and today I found out why. He was inside and I went in to see what the problem was, he walked hestiantly out the door and slid down the ramp straight into the geese fence. Apparently the non skid wore off boy that didn't last long. So now I'm on my way out to purchase bags of soil, we don't want stones in it, so we can rip out his wooden ramp and add a cushy dirt ramp. It is amazing the things we do for our animals. I told my DH if this was him he'd have to crawl in the door.[​IMG]
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    That is so nice of you to make special accommodations for your turkey. Post pics of what you have for him.

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