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    I was born on a 12,897 acre farm in Texas. I was born into a very rich family. I was only spoiled with pets. When I was 1 and able to walk I ran around the farm and sometimes my parents found me in the pigpen. I was the only child and the only other people were the workers which took care of the animals. I did have one brother and sister but they didn't really like all the farm stuff. They just wanted a dog or cat so we have 2 dogs a boy name Maraduke it's my dad's favorite comic strip. he is a great dance he is brown Black and Tan. We also have a girl who is a great dance her name is belle she is black and white. She also is pregnant with puppies she is due in February. So I did like the dogs but I wanted a farm animal. I am the middle child. I'm pretty young. My parents keep saying maybe when I asked for a farm animal. So when I was 8 on my birthday there was one present with holes in it. I heard peeping when I opened there was a little one day old chick. We didn't have chickens yet but we do have llamas and a lot of other weird animals. But this was the start of hundreds of chickens. We have hundreds of animals almost thousands. So I played with it because I didn't know what gender it was so when it was a kid it crowed it was a rooster. We don't kill any of our animals. So the cockerels name is snowball he is 11 months old. He crows all day long he is a silkie. So later we got a 45 pound black jersey giant rooster. He is bigger then most toys dogs his spurs are 4 inches long even longer. His crow can be heard miles away he is a rooster the silkie is a mouse compared to him. All we had were roosters so one day my mom brought home over a hundred different breeds of chickens. Thousands of chickens flew out of this huge moving truck. He had a big coop but we made it huge. Now hundreds of new breeds of chicks are popping out each day. Snowball lives inside with a dog bed that has a heating pad on it he wears a diaper and gets baths every week. He plays outside at day he is white. We just bought him a 10 month old silkie slash hen she is the cutest thing ever. She is super fluffy it's so cute they had chicks they leave in the house also. But in the chicken playroom with lots of toys to choose from with lots of snacks. They go out and play with the other chicks and play games. One day one of our cows had a calf helped pull it out she was born last Christmas her span me is Christmas carol we call her carol for short. Then one of our Clydesdales had a foal 4 th of July we named her liberty. We even have wild mustangs but they stay in 3,567 acres of land so they still are wild they have foals and we let them have there babies on their own and we have a big lake so they can swim and drink. And we give them shots when they sleep. I named the stallion spirt after movie he looks just like him and he is strong and fast and bold like spirt. I even found a filly that looks like rain and they are mates I named her rain. She is due in December she almost ready. I love my life I have had so many amazing moments I could never ask for a better life. I'm getting a Guinea pig for Christmas hopefully thanks for taking your time for reading my story I will show some pictures of snowball and starlit which is his girl friend but without the chicks I took random pictures of 4 of just some of the chickens.
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    Twelve thousand acres in Texas! Dang! I'd get lost in that! Welcome BYC!

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