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    We were in Maine for the weekend, and youngest son took care of the chooks for us. He's no kid, he's 24, 6'4", he's a big boy - and the rooster flies at him anyways. YS went into the coop yesterday morning and Stumpy went for him immediately. He launched him off his foot but the roo hit the door, knocking it open - and fell out of the coop. Poor kid couldn't catch him to put him back in, so he stayed out all day yesterday, last night and today. When I came home there he was, outside the run, looking longingly inside. At least the poor girls had two days peace from his amorous attention! Of course the minute he saw me he went for me, too. He's a nasty bugger. I want to catch him and try the carrying the roo around trick to try to break him of all this, but he won't be caught. I'm going to try to catch him with a sheet and see if I can get hold of him that way. I want to give him a chance before I take him somewhere to be processed......
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    Good luck with helping your Roo through this. Sounds like he might be too far on the dark side. When he comes at you, can you grab him up to hold him. I have a little bantam roo that has come after me once or twice, but he is so small and I just grab him up and hold him while I tend to all of the chickens and he then is fine for a couple of months. I find what really upsets him is when I pick up one of his girls.
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    I am not sure how PC my technique is, but I really dont have time or patience for the carrying around thing. I found that most young roosters are very much like teenager boys, running around willy nilly acting like they got something going on.

    I treat them just as I treated the high school studs (yeah right) that wanted to date my lovely daughters. Scared the living daylights out of them from day one, and when they earned my respect I gave it. Until then I made sure I was the one to be feared. Note big scowl single syllable grunts very effective.

    Seemed to work for me on both accounts. Girls both married good guys and my roosters politely walk the other way when I come around.

    Seriously on young roosters if they even look at me I make a large agressive move toward them very much like the number one rooster does in the yard.

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