My susex hen stoped laying and wont sleep in coop

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    Sep 30, 2012
    hellow. I have 3 susex hens that started laying about a month ago. we went on vacation and got a friend to take care of them. They wouldn't lay after that and stoped sleeping in the coop and decided to nest on our back deck. Now every night I carry them like little babies to there coop and they wont lay. When it first started i made sure i cleaned there coop good but they wont use it. Also the nest they use they made out of straw outside of the coop. Any ideas to get them to lay inside, sleep in there coop, or get them to lay again thankyou. i will be able to provide any information you need to help.
  2. WillowChick

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    Maybe a predator got in while you were away? Or even something that spooked them bad enough for them to avoid the coop?

    If not, what bedding, light, heat etc do you have in there?

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    Make them a nestbox with some hay or straw for bedding material. Put a fake egg (I use golf balls) in there so they see it as a safe place to lay.
    Maybe try leaving them locked in the coop for a few days so that they see it as home.
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    I would take a really careful look at the coop and make sure there isn't anything that could be scaring or bothering them. Mites? mice? rats? snakes? some smell or sound? Anything that could be off. who knows.

    If you are certain everything is fine and safe I would shut them in for 3 days - 1 week. Once they get used to sleeping outside they get stuck in that routine. Chickens hate change and will only break a habit if forced.

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