My sweet banty roo has turned into a little turd.


15 Years
Jun 23, 2008
North Carolina
He started crowing last week. He now LOVES to crow which I love too.

The problem? Since he's started crowing, he must think he's the man because yesterday he came after me with one wing down and feathers ruffled. He never jumped on me, but he'd ram himself into me. I kindly gave him a little shove with my foot. Then the rest of the day, I carried him around. He hated it because he wanted to be with the others.

I'm really disappointed in him.
How old is this little snot? LOL. When the hormones begin raging is usually when the true nature shows itself. Sometimes you can change it, but in my experience with several different breeds of roosters, you mostly can't. It's certainly worth a try and you did the right thing.
I was just having this discussion with a breeder and her take is that the family lines mostly determine the human-aggression; in other words, temperament is heritable. If one has it in his nature to be super aggressive, then handling him as a youngster may actually make it worse because it makes him feel you are more his equal and he thinks he can take you on. If it's in his nature to be a calm boy, then handling will just keep him less skittish and he'll stay non-human-aggressive.
I don't let them drop a wing at me or even nip me as a youngster without doing something to deflect it and try to change the behavior ASAP.
My little ankle pecker is now gone may he RIP. He was the smallest banty roo I had but by far the meanest, they other one I had that was kinda a jerk has learned that you don't mess with Momma or mommas kids.
I found that the one that is gone would tolerate me to a point then go back to being a jerk! it is not worth it to keep a mean Roo. I do miss his funny crow but there is always a point where you need to say enough is enough. You want to enjoy them not be fearful.
I have a cochin banty that will follow my human kids around while they play in the yard and he is always interacting with our baby chicks that get introduced. You should get ya one of those guys:)
This is my first year experiencing roo ownership and I was a bit worried at first. However, my eldest roo and I have an understanding and mutual respect. I don't know if he completely understands that I have no problem stringing him up by his toes if he crosses the line, but he gets the idea pretty good by my energy. Last night he helped me to herd the girls back into the chicken house. It was really cute. If he hears one of his girls yelping he comes over, but once he sees it is me he totally backs off. I like it this way. You did right to teach your little one that you are boss. Sorry he was being a bit of a butt.
Those little buggers are something else, aren't they? Joe is about 10 months old now and he's turned into a little turd, too! We got him and Hopper as chicks from the fair. The kids are in the 4H poultry group and each year they have a miracle of life tent at the fair where they'll have preggo animals due to deliver any time - cow, pigs, goats, etc. They also have a bunch of chick eggs in an incubator and baby ducks. At the end of fair, the poultry kids get to adopt the ducks and chicks.

We handled both of them a lot as they were our first non-market birds. Hopper and Joe used to sit on my shoulder and just perch there. They were both so sweet! Then winter came and we didn't spend a lot of time with them. Now Joe is HUGE, crows and loves the girls. He also has chased my 1 year old, Ana and pecked her feet. He's come at me a few times too. I've told the kids that whenever he comes at them that they need to pick him up and hold him for a few minutes. Not sure if it's going to work, but we're going to try it cuz he's my baby and I don't want to have to get rid of him. I wasn't sure were making progress but today he walked within a foot or so of me and didn't make any aggressive moves. I'm taking this as a positive sign as he normally doesn't come near me and those times he does he's doing the sideways walking thing. He's such a sight - especially since 90% of our other chickens are banties that are only a few months old. He stands up and flaps his wings. He's got this little shriek he does now .. not sure what that's about.
He also may be trying to impress you

well if not you can always put weapons all over the yard my son has to carry something because only sometimes Mr. Spanish will chase him.
He hates when I wear different shoes.
Its a shame they behave that way. Mine are also coming of age. Soon they will start jumpimg on me. I usually carry a small item. It usually works fine.
The wing dragging......he's courting you.
My banty boy was a sweetie pie until he hit puberty. Used to sit on my lap and chatter to me. Adorable. Then the hormones kicked in. Ugg. Now he's a terror. If he didn't do such a good job with his girls he would be a nugget dinner. Little brat attacks me about every other day. I chase him around until I catch him, hold him by his toes, tuck him under an arm, thump him on the head, hold him to the ground in the mounted position, you name it I've tried it. He still comes at me routinely. I now have a bamboo pole that goes in with me. He respects a good twack on the head and will stay back. Thankfully he is only 10" tall and doesn't do much damage. It's mainly annoying. I do miss the sweet thing he used to be though.
I used to have a little OEGB mix roo that would court me like yours is, with the wings down and scooting around me
Of course that was when I would just pick him up and set him on my lap, where he'd sit for hours if I'd let him, as long as he got his neck scratched

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