My sweet Victoria is now a Victor ! Help

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    Jun 17, 2011
    So we are new to the chick scene and have been raising two aracauna bantams. WE got them easter weekend. We thought we were in the clear as far as them both being girls - that was until this morning when much to our shock we our sweet and confident Victoria debuted her first cock-a-doodle-do (not once but 3 times). We immediately knew that we woudl have to part with her. We are saddend deeply by this and i personally realized i got too attached too soon. Chickenhood Rule # 1 for me will be "Dont get too attached until you know what gender they are".

    So the other thing is that the other chick (gets really frantic when Victoria -- I mean Victor is not around so we feel that if we have to get rid of one maybe we should find one person for both of them rather than separate them...

    Thoughts from teh chicken gallery??
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    I'm rehoming a little silkie cockerel, and rather than send him alone, I'm sending one of his pullet flockmates. I'm doing it for HIM - don't want him to go to some new flock alone. I do think it improves your odds of finding a good home - placing them as a pair.

    Oh...and welcome to the forum! [​IMG] Sorry it's on a not-so-happy note [​IMG]
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    If they were mine, I'd re-home them together. If you kept the hen alone, she'd be terribly lonely and intergration issues (introducing new chicks/hens to her) can be a real pain in the gizzard.

    Best to start all over again. If you absolutely positively can't have roosters, you might want to give some thought to getting sex-links or similiar breed that can be sexed at hatch next go round.

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