My sweetest hen has turned into one mean lady!!!???!!??

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    Apr 2, 2011
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    I got my first flock a little over a year ago. I bought 4 hens and one rooster when they were only about a week old. I hand raised them and they were all very nice and friendly. We free ranged most of the time but always put up at night. Over the months though 3 of my hens just disappeared. And during this time my rooster got very aggressive towards me. He didn't bother anyone else, but on several occassions tried to spur and attack me. He was ruthless and no matter how many kicks and hold downs I gave him he wouldn't let up. Sometimes he'd be good for a few weeks and then bam.....he'd get me again. So when we got down to just him and my one hen (Gloria) he got even worse and I was affraid to even go in my own yard so the decision was made to send him to chicken heaven. I wanted to wait until the weather warmed up a little to get any new chicks as I won't bring in big chickens because of the risk of bringing in diseases and such. So, after mr rooster went to heaven my hen Gloria got really mean and fiesty with me. She goes at my hands and tries chasing me and pecking at me all the time. Is she trying to act as the rooster maybe?? She used to always be so sweet??? I finally now have 3 pullets that are fully feathered and so I put them in with Gloria and she is so mean to them. I know they have to figure out the pecking order and such but it's been over a week and she won't let them in the hen house?? They are close to being just as big as she is and one is even a rooster but they don't even try to stand up to her. Why is this?? Is there something I can do to make her be nice? She is a RIR and the pullets I just put in with her are 1 RIR hen, 1 black austrolop hen and one rooster. [​IMG]

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