My technicolor chicks! Hens or Roos?


Mar 16, 2009
South Central PA
Here are some pics of the chicks that were hatched in the spring.
I am amazed at their colors! Their mom was just a little tiny banty hen of some sort that I was told was mixed breed something. The roo is an EE. That little hen raised 11 chicks, but 4 were killed by a skunk.

They really look alot like EE's, but a few of them have crests on their heads as well as muffs. I thought I only had one or two roos out of the remaining seven, but now I'm starting to think I may have more!

Their colors are just amazing though, and they are even washed out in the pictures! Even the two black ones have such beautiful patterns in their feathers!

I'm hoping the really colorful ones aren't all roosters! I'd really like to be able to keep them all. They are really beautiful!
First three are definitely roos, last one a hen. I love the colors! I have mixed EE and mille fluer d'uccles also, and it's amazing all the crazy colors I have ended up with. The hens are usually gold, but I get reddish, grey, white, yellow, brown etc. And the roos will be just about anything.

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