my teenage daughter and chickens think the same

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Apr 17, 2012
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so thought I would share my 14 year old daughters theroy is what is her's is hers and whats mine is her's now relizing my chickens think the same esp when it comes to my food I have 2 storys to share.

Monday I got a dexlu wrape sandwich i had planed to have it for dinner Monday night and lunch tue, it had ham, turkey slices and salmie and lettuce, bellpeper cucumber, olives, and mozrella cheese. it's was a super delux so i opened the wrapper and both side where sitting there and I go called to help my father I was gone I would say 5 mins and 2 of my dam chicken came walking in through teh doggy door and all I can say is what they did not eat was thrown all over my bed wich was not much I DID NOT GET ONE STINKING BITE OF IT and did not have $ to go back to subway to get another one. BBQ chicken almost was on the dinner menue for Monday night.

now today Made spegitti with meat sauce got me a nice big bowl of it came to watch Merlin there was not a chicken in site. Had to go potty what did I see when I got back but 4 chickens on my bed eating my lunch. needless to say I just let them finsih it off went back up stairs got me another bowl ate it up stairs when I got back I had 4 chickens taking a nap on my bed the bowl was empty but my bed was a mess with bits of noodles and meat all over it so once all naping is done I need to redue my bed. things keep going like this I will lose hecka weight.

Its good thing I really love these feathered monsters :)
Ha!!! Our poodle, Peaches, will eat just about anything she can get into her big, fat, mouth
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My late collie Lucy was such a good girl about food until she reached 13 and then all rules where off. I had made myself the perfect poached egg on toast left it on the stool to answer the door and got back to find the perfect leftover crust!!!!!!!
I know this isn't the right place to post this, but if you know a lot about Barred Rocks and Cuckoo Marans, please go to my profile and click in my thread, "Is Lacey a Cuckoo Maran???!!!"


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