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    Well, this thread is kind of about me, but mostly about a young man I recently met at our Tractor Supply. He was helping me buy MORE food for my five or six week old chicks. He calmed me down about how much they eat at this age, instructed me to keep on feeding all they want, and they will even out a little as adults. He was 21 years old, and just very informative. I spent probably double what I would have without him, because he was so nice and spent time talking chickens, which is now my unexpected new fav subject, along with dogs and a few others. At some point I exclaimed that these chicks seem to be addictive.
    He answered "Tell me about it, I have this addiction too!" I asked him " How can you have chicken addiction when you're only 21?"
    He tells me "Its easy! I work at Tractor Supply, and they are so cute, I got three chicks during one of our chick days."
    Of course I inquired "How many do you have now?"
    He answers "six hundred!"
    " Six hundred, are you serious? How can you feed them working here? Where do you keep them? Are you talking about the long white buildings on the side of the road, holding hundreds if battery chickens?"
    " No, I could never do that!" he says. " I live on my Dad's farm, and we converted a huge barn for them, and they all have room to perch! You should see all the perches!"
    Anyway, to make a long story short, they are egg chickens. He only needs one more dozen a day, and he is promised our Whole Foods account! Being business minded, of course I suggested he BUY a dozen a day, put them in his cartons, and start selling. He tells me that is dishonest (Huh?) and they sign a contract stating these eggs are all organic off his farm!
    So thats the story of the 21 year old chicken addict calling ME, the 54 year old chicken addict, dishonest! If he were a bug scientist or something, I probably would'nt have been so hurt,!
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    I think I've been that person at Tractor Supply for other people. I've more than once helped people out during chick days and at least once people have ended up buying their chicks and supplies that day because they talked to me instead of later as they had planned.

    As for the dishonesty, it kind of would be. For instance, I sell eggs to my coworkers, and I would feel it was dishonest if I sold them eggs I bought at the store. They're paying for nice free range farm fresh eggs from me for a reason - because they're better and fresher and more tasty than the ones in the store. Especially if his eggs are organic and from cage free birds that actually live a good life, which is what it sounds like, that's what people are paying for. They're not looking for eggs that came from battery birds kept caged with no more space for their whole life than that of a piece of notebook paper. Plus he probably doesn't want to support that kind of business - I know I don't, and it's one reason I got my own chickens in the first place. And he'd be under contract saying that the eggs are just from his farm.
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