My Trials and Tribulations involving a banty, a guinea, & a bator!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by josiemare, Aug 22, 2010.

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    Aug 22, 2010
    Well, This is my first post. please forgive me....I know it is long! I thought others might be interested in my story!

    I live in the deep south where the heat and humidity have put a death grip on life. My guineas have given me three clutches of eggs this year. The first nest was in my mounting block. Despite my best efforts to move it, they didn't like that idea. They moved their second nest under the spare fence board pile. This was going wonderfully until the death grip of summer arrived with temps above 100 and humidity over 80% for weeks on end. Needless to say, that clutch failed....all perfectly formed keets dead in their shells.

    Well, on the third attempt, I had noticed that our guinea hen had disappeared yet again. We couldn't find her anywhere. I was riding my horse one night and my hubby was videoing me. I stopped by a stump of ours that has a bunch of brush around I look over my shoulder, I notice Miss Guinea carefully setting on her nest of eggs. I was super happy. I marked the date on the calender.

    A couple of weeks into this project, I asked a friend, going away on vacation, if she wanted me to watch her broody hen. She said sure....I picked up Miss Banty. After a day at our farm, I placed 7 guinea eggs under Miss Banty. All was going very well until we had a nasty rain storm. Miss Banty got wet and her nest was very soiled. We had no choice but to remove her and the eggs to clean her coop. Of course, she didn't go back to her new nest. Ugh.

    I went to the store to buy and incubator about 36 hours after she left the nest. So the drama starts over again......eggs in bator, my first time. Miss Guinea is still on her eggs. Bator has eggs in it....all is going very well.

    Well, late this past week, I believe it was Wednesday, we started having eggs hatch. Yeah.....Eggs in our bator were hatching....eggs under miss Guinea started hatching....yeah! I noticed that several of Miss Guinea's eggs had hatched, but they were dead due to bug in the egg infestation. Thus, we lost many that would have hatched otherwise. We pulled all of the eggs/keets from her. She was mad, but I am sure we saved the rest of the eggs/keets.

    Despite many roller coaster rides, we now have 19 healthy keets. I didn't keep track of our hatch rate. However, I believe it to be over 65%. Not too bad due to the high rate of opening the bator to place more eggs and remove keets. We are very happy and thought others might be interested in intervening when mother nature needs a little help.

    We are the happy guardians to 4 guineas and 19 keets.....anybody want any?
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    [​IMG] Wow...I was on the edge of my seat reading your post. All I can say is DEDICATION!! Your birds are blessed to have such caring owners. [​IMG] Great job. I am sorry for the losses you went through. [​IMG]
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    Determination wins out! You are my hero! And braving the unpleasant heat and humidity on top of everything else! Awesome!
  4. josiemare

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    Aug 22, 2010
    Thank you very much. My girls did me proud! It is wonderful that so many survived. Given the circumstances, I am surprised any survived at all.

    The ones that did are very active and healthy.

    I am sooo happy that I found this site. I have already found out how to splint splayed legs....a bandaid. Perfect! That chick is doing well!

    Thanks so much to all.....

    Very happy to be here!

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