my trip to the feed store!


♪♫ Rockin' Rooster ♪♫
12 Years
Dec 21, 2007
today i went to the feed store and i looked at theyre chickens there. they had EEs, RIRs, BRs, what looked like bantum Modern Games.....they were really small roos...... and a bunch of babies that looked like RIRs and some sumuntra babies!!!! i sooooo wish my mom would let me get some sumuntras! any way there was a giant BR roo!!!!at least 2 or 3 times the size of a BR hen!!!!!and it had spurs the size of my thumb!!!!are all BR roos that size? they also had turkeys and a whole bunch of other farm animals like goats, potbelly pigs, and even some sheep and ducks! oh yeah and they had weird pidgions with huge necks and walked weird and they even even had an Emu!!!they are soooo weird lookin! and they make really deep noises!
oh yeah and i petted a turkey and it tried to peck me!
Wow! I'm jealous, your store has lots of fun animals. Ours has a few different chick breeds and a few bunnies. It's probably a good thing ours doesn't have so many, because i'd be tempted.

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