My turkey almost killed my hen. Final update - She's gone.


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May 18, 2009
Hi all - Saturday afternoon I looked out my window to see my tom turkey stomping one of my hens, Penny. She was upside down with feet straight up. I thought she was dead! DH and I went running outside and had to kick the turkey off of her. There were feathers everywhere. I brought her in and rinsed her off. You couldn't tell she was a light Brahma, she was full of dirt. She had a few scratches. Her body under one wing was extremely bruised and bare.

She has been in my house since then. She won't eat, but is drinking water. I have tried scrambled egg, bread soaked in warm water, bread soaked in gravy, mealworms, and of course just plain chicken crumbles. She ate a few mealworms and some of her feed Saturday night but nothing since.

Last night I soaked her in a warm tub, which she seemed to like. I rinsed her scraped side again and it is looking much better. This soaking also dislodged more little sticks and dirt from under her feathers, so hopefully they are all gone now. She slept in my lap bundled up in a towel for a couple of hours after that.

Her eyes are clear and bright. She is breathing fine, but she just won't eat. She has been mostly lying around the house for 3 days now. Poops are dark green and runny, very few and far between. I tried putting her outside with her friends yesterday in the warm afternoon, hoping she might eat with them, but no luck. Any suggestions?

By the way, the turkey has been sent to freezer camp - nobody hurts my chickens!
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Have no idea of what to do

Sending hugs and croosing fingers for you


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So sorry this happened. She is probably very sore and frightened. Just keep her isolated and warm like you are doing. Keep offering her special treats like yorgurt, scrambled eggs, etc. too. Sounds like you are already doing everything you can. She's got to be very sore. Hopefully she did not receive internal injuries, time will tell. Good luck and keep us posted.


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If she's not moving around a lot, she's going to require far less to eat, and you shouldn't let it bother you. If her poops are greenish and not all mucous and white, then she's getting nutrition. Keep her on a normal diet of crumbles or pellets that she eats and hard-boiled or scrambled eggs, plus yogurt. You could add som baby prrot food dry or wet for nutritional boost.

I had a hen with a broken pelvis who lived inside for 6 weeks, not moving around at all- she rarely ate or pooped, but didn't lose a bunch of weight because her exercise level was very different.

The shock of injury will last several days, and then a return to normal should occur. Make certain you are keeping any open wounds treated with antibiotic ointment (nothing that ends in "-caine" in it!) for infection.

Best of luck!


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Can she stand up and walk?? I'd keep her inside and warm... injured birds need warmth..
Also.. try to make her some scrambled eggs... that usually tricks mine into eating.
maybe try some fresh greens?? They always love those....
ooh, grits! Mine love cooked grits mixed with egg.... also..warm oatmeal...
spaghetti noodles..they kinda think they are worms...
Is she drinking?
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i was going to suggest a warm bath but you already did that, it sounds like you are doing everything right short of taking her to an avian vet (and i know$$$) maybe extra heat? vitamin/mineral/electrolite suppliment stuff in her water? i had something similar happen with my favorite bantam roo and a younger standard roo (been rehomed) the bantam roo was limp and lifeless but then came too and was ok, i kept him in for a while just to be sure, i think there is something about birds being on there back that is just bad somehow, well sorry i couldnt help more hope she gets better


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First take a few breaths to relax yourself .. It seems you are wound really tight and you cant possibly think straight when that upset..

She may also be in shock.. You may try putting her in a warm, quiet, dark area for a few hours or overnight.. As others have said she isnt doing much so requires much less food and will result in much less poo... I think you have had some great advice form others on here she probably is just beat up, sore, and still shocky.. I know I would be..
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Saw your other post about giving up. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry you are feeling so bad about it. Please stay calm. Freaking out doesn't help anyone.

I have absolutely zero experience with turkeys. Does seeing one once count? (did I make you smile?)

I wish I could help, but bad advice is worse than none. My best advice in general, though.... google. This isn't the only website about poultry. Also, try calling a vet... any vet. A vet who got into being a vet for the right reasons will try to help. My vet is just for cats and dogs, but when I really need him... he tries his best to help me. And for free. I know that isn't the norm... but don't rule out calling vets just because they don't advertise treating poultry.

If she has internal bleeding, there is very little even a vet could do... but there is really no way to KNOW that without a vet. I'd keep her comfortable and in the house, hand feed her if you have to. I don't know if you could reintroduce her around that tom ever again. Sounds like he had a issue with her.

Wish you the best.
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