My turkey eggs?


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Jun 17, 2009
Hello Im new to this site and wish i would have found it a few weeks ago! Ive learned more off this site than hours on the web! Thanks again for the site!

I have purchased wild turkey eggs that are being mailed to my house..Maybe bad idea!!! I have to work till around 4:00 in the afternoon...Will the eggs be alright sitting on my porch here in Kansas till I get home or will they be ruined? Its almost in the ninetys here by mid day??

Thanks for any input!

Anxious to hear any information
Can you call to PO and have them hold them for you or a neighbor pick them up or be sweet to your mailman and ask him to place them somewhere safe and cooler

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That is definitely not an ideal situation. If you could avoid it I would. Like maybe have someone stay at your place to bring the eggs in and put them in a cooler place.
If not well, then I guess you just pop them in the bator(after a 24 rest period) and hope for the best.

Good luck, you will love this site.


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