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My turkey had sinusitis and now seems he needs to get his strength back..any ideas ?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by onehawk1, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. onehawk1

    onehawk1 In the Brooder

    Jan 25, 2011
    My Tom is about 40 lbs has spent last 2 summers in 1/4 acre backyard with a place for feed, water and bedding on our porch, surrounded with an open wire fence to contain his pine shavings. If he had his way, he would live indoors with us, always knocking at back door, he has quite a personality, knows his name ( Igor ) , named after the Canadian goose from the movie " Fly away home" about orphaned geese raised by a young girl in southern Ontario .
    Igor became ill on dec 24, 2013 and it wasn't the first time he had sinusitis, he had this once before when we first got him in 2011 as a 4 month old , at that time we gave Tylan 50 injectable , per body weight and so when he got ill this time I made same choice. He was given 2.5 cc Tylan 50 for 3 days but because he was still so ill on 4 the day I gave another dose into breast as directed. He is living on course pine shavings and I added a heat lamp nearby when the temperatures dropped just prior to him getting ill. Temps back to normal and very nice here in phx az , he developed the sniffles and had thick discharge from eyes, having few choices I diagnosed and treated.
    He is now weak , attempts standing and does get to his feet, but not enough energy to get many steps.
    I read threads here and decided yesterday to take the electrolyte advice given by veteran poultry expert. He ( the turkey ) took to the electrolytes made for chickens in my first aid supplies, he drank a quart or so yesterday and is most the way thru his second quart today 1 pm
    Also gave him chicken egg n water when he wouldn't eat, 2 days in a row he ate only the egg water

    He shares yard with 2 dogs, a cat and too many pigeons and sparrows, lives in green grass where he stays comfortable without body sores, we gave him a foot spa so his feet are in very good shape.
    He eats purine turkey grower mixed with scratch feed , 1/4 grower feed to 3/4 scratch in an attempt to lower the caloric intake and keep him from being over weight, which he was at the end of summer 2012 at which time he had swollen feet and walked with an odd lumbering waddle.
    2013 he got around very well until Dec 23rd when he slowed down with his sinus issue.
    He is a large, all white turkey Tom, broad breasted or holland white, really not sure as to exact breed

    Any feed or supplement advice ? Maybe I over looked something obvious for why he seems weak ?
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2013

  2. ivan3

    ivan3 spurredon Premium Member

    Jan 27, 2007
    Is he having difficulty breathing (particularly while standing?). Could be a secondary infection or just the strain on system of the primary infection. You could try insects if he's used to those (crickets/meal worms/moth), Is the Grower formulation his usual ration or is he on a Game Bird Maintenance (fewer calories), usually? Sad to say, Commercial turks (males in particular) are hard to maintain, though it sounds like he couldn't be in better hands.
  3. onehawk1

    onehawk1 In the Brooder

    Jan 25, 2011
    Thank you, experience is a tough teacher, she gives the test first and the lesson after

    He is breathing well now that the infection is over but he was really sick and I nearly lost him before Tylan injections. I think he has to build his stamina up after being down on the ground for 5 days. He stood and was able to stay standing on his own a few times today but let's himself back down before taking a step.
    The grower feed is his usual and I just mix it with scratch feed, both purine in the rations of one scoop grower to three scoops seed, then feed 2 scoops into his pail, of that the pigeons get at least half. My daughter who raised him from baby, told me his breed won't live long due to being a meat bird, but from what I read here at byc, he can live several years and in June he woulda been 2.
    Crickets could be a great idea cause we have lots in the yard during summer, I been looking to start a cricket keeper cause my chickens love love the crickets, but it's winter and they are gone for now.
    Worms like fishermen use, we used to buy and feed by hand lol
    Thank for the suggestion,I will give pet store a try
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