My turkey just developed spewing diarrea


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Apr 29, 2012
Baldwin County, AL
two days ago I moved Freda, my one 30+ lb turkey, in with the hens she was raised with after I had kept her in a 4'x12' portable run...due to cold weather and only rain protection not cold. I notice yesterday evening it is not bombs of turkey poop but to brown color like normal and just now it was clear water..she is still eating. Would it hurt..or help to give her small dough balls like I used to give my kids for diarrea...firms it up in kids..or should I give her human medicine for change in her diet still leyena and scratch. She did have some lettuce yesterday morning but she has had it in the past.
Sometimes it means they have to much protein. I have two bronze turkeys that got into some protein pellets and they had the squirts for a couple of days it usually paases through them in a few days.
My turkeys have large, wet, stinky turds from time to time. As long as they stay off the deck I don't worry about it. Whatever causes it seems to go away on it's own. I've never had the whole flock doing it at the same time, nor can I say that it passes from one to the other. It's just something that happens.
One of my turkeys made a real smelly one tonight, almost enough to make me go inside - maybe she/he had too many peanuts last night.

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