My turn to vent


10 Years
Aug 25, 2009
We left the house Tuesday afternoon expecting to be back in just a few minutes. So, we didn't shut the gate across the driveway. Return 25 minutes later to find a dog in my front yard. When we get closer, which my wife did at an amazing rate, find a duck under the dog being chewed on like a rawhide bone. I know, first mistake is leaving the gate open, second mistake was chasing the dog off rather than SSS. I follow the dog to find out where it came from. Sure enough it leads me right to where it lives about 6 blocks/ 1/2 mile away. While I'm following the dog, my wife inspects the rest of the birds. Two ducks limping mildly, mostly able to get around. Two ducks with broken wings, limping badly. One chicken hen with a broken back and unable to move. Wife of the owner says her husband will call me when he gets home. He hasn't called yet.

I called animal control to report the vicious dog attack. It meets the city's ordinances to be termed a vicious dog. Animal control comes out, spends about 5 minutes talking to my wife and says there's nothing she can cite the owners for because the officer didn't witness the attack first hand. If that's the requirement, I bet they never have cited an owner for a vicious dog. Officer says all she can do is communicate the leash laws to the owner. I called her supervisor just to clarify and he says the same thing. When the officer went by the owners house, the dog was on a chain so they can't cite them for anything. The officer probably didn't even file a report on the incident so there won't be a record the next time the dog gets out and remembers how yummy and fun it was to chew on fresh chicken at my house.

lesson learned: .22 is scoped, sighted in to hit a walnut anywhere from 10 to 50 yards. Here doggy, doggy doggy. I'll be ready when you come back. SSS


9 Years
Jun 15, 2010
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Thats ridiculous you witnessed it so that should be sufficient in my book. Sorry about your birds the dog owner needs to be more responsible


13 Years
Jan 15, 2007
Garden Valley, ca
You must realize that a 22 will not always give you a clean kill. If at all possible use a larger cal. If by any chance that dog gets home wounded, you could be in a world of trouble. Best to do it right. Myself, I could give a rats behind about a predator of any kind. I have had the owner of some dogs standing right next to me when I shot his dogs. Got a little mouthy with me until I showed him the fastest way off the property. He did bring the law back with him, only to get a ticket for letting his dogs run free on open range and harrass livestock.


10 Years
Apr 18, 2009
flat rock
game cameras are cheap and take great pics of the dog in action so when you call animal control next time they have to take action. Also you might make a copy of your counties rules on dogs and livestock and highlight the part where it says you will NOT be libel when you kill his dog for chasing your lovely birds. Put a copy on his door or in his mailbox and they will get the idea. Also here in alabama we are allowed to collect 2x the value of the livestock killed weather you kill his dog or not.

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