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    Chapter One

    Lightning flashed. Rain poored. Thunder snapped. Schatzi ran through the rain and into the abandoned barn.
    "Hurry in." Rain, Schatzi's mother told her daughter.
    Rain nuzzled Schatzi on the neck. Schatzi did it back.
    "Where's Papa?" Schatzi asked her mother curiously.
    "He's getting Hassen."
    A few minutes later, Salemn, Schatzi's father, and Hassen, Schatzi's brother walked in, soaked. They went over to Rain and Schatzi. The four of them huddled together, trying to keep warm.
    "Mama?" Schatzi said.
    "Yes?" Rain replied.
    "How did you get my name? What does it mean?"
    "Papa picked it out. It means beautiful."
    "I like my name."
    "I'm sure you do!"
    "Did Papa name Hassen too? What does Hassen mean?"
    "Yes, indeed. It means handsome."
    "Did you come up with any ideas for our names?"
    "Sure, thing! We almost named you Holly. And we almost named Hassen, Brian."
    "Why didn't you?"
    "Because we had a feeling that Schatzi and Hassen were the names."
    "Oh. I think you picked good names."
    Rain nodded.
    "Why did your Mama and Papa name you Rain?"
    "I'm not sure... I escaped a fire, and found myself here."
    "Oh.... What about Papa?"
    "He doesn't even remember his mother. He was stolen, and abused. Then we met."
    "That's sad.... Does he miss his Mama?"
    "I'm not sure.... Because I don't even remember her. But if that didn't happen, then Mama and I wouldn't be together. And if we weren't together, neither you or Hassen would be here." Salemn interrupted.
    Thunder snapped. Lightning flickered.
    "Mama? Papa? I'm scared." Schatzi complained. "How can Hassen sleep through this?"
    "I'm sure you are." Rain replied. "But Hassen has had a long day... He ran his butt off."
    "Oh.... I'm tired too."
    "Well, why don't we try to go to sleep?"
    "Agreed." Salemn comented.
    The family slept through the thunderstorm. By morning, the sun was out and puddled formed on the ground. The grass was green, flowers continued to grow. Salemn and Rain were outside early, spending some one on one time together, while the foals slept.
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    That is really good!! Please continue!![​IMG]
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    Oh my. I forgot all about this story. If I have time tomorrow I'll write some more. :) If I don't end up writing any I need you to remind me, lol.
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