my very 1st chick or maybe the 2nd

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    A bit of background. This is my first experience with chickens. My Gold Laced Wyandotte went broody several weeks ago. I do not have a rooster, so she was just sitting on everybody's eggs. I have 6 hens and they were all laying in the same nest and Dottie would sit on them. Even a move from the old house to the new one didn't break her broody cycle. So I took pity on her and went to get her some fertile eggs to sit on. My daughter's friend has about 60 chickens, hens, roosters, bantys, silkies - whatever. They all run together, so obviously they're all mixed breeds. She gave me 10 probably fertile eggs. We marked them and stuck them in the nest. By my calculations they were due to hatch Tuesday, but maybe the eggs I got were already a couple days old. I dunno. But 2 of the 10 eggs were blue. Oh yeah, Easter Eggers. Of course in the first 2 days 2 eggs were broken and 1 was an Easter Egger.

    I went out to check on the girls tonight and found a dead pecked chick right by the door. It was all pale yellow. So we quickly put up a barrier so the other hens couldn't mix with any chicks that may hatch. And while we worked we heard a little peep. My dottie has 1 chick, it's almost a gray color. No idea what mix of breeds it is, not that it matters. Awwwwwwww isn't it cute?

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    My guess would be EE only because I have several mixed breeds that just hatched and two that hatched from blue eggs look to be the same color as yours. Cute chick, good luck with the rest.

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