My very first coop - a Tractor!


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I joined very recently but have been lurking for some time. This forum is absolutely INVALUABLE. I've learned a lot. Unfortunately, carpentry skills can't quite be taught by reading, but I have learned many, many things to try to incorporate into my coop. It looks exactly like something built by a previously sedentary 56 year old lady, but I'm hoping the chickens I plan on getting soon will not mind.

Here's the BYC page I've started:

planning on getting four chicks to raise - gotta get that brooder box ready really soon! - and this is where I'll house 'em when they're all feathered out. I live in West Sacramento, CA and there are very few winter days where the temperature drops below freezing: usually only down to 28 degrees.

Anyway, this is what I've started. Wish me luck!
Nice Job Gryeyes!

Wonky is just fine. Good job on doing it YOURSELF.
And welcome to the BYC!

PS - when I was new, I completely built my coop based on construction progression photos that I found on this site. We had NO IDEA what we were doing, but it all worked out okay. BYC folks are very very helpful and always willing to share experience and advice!


I think it's a perfectly wonderful tractor. It's a fine job and your chickens will enjoy it very much, that's what matters! Character is better than perfection anyway, and your's has both, great character and near perfection.

Oh, and...
Happy to meet you! Glad you're here!
Hope you have lots of fun with us!!
Well done. Making your own first coop is a good idea. Later on you may decide to go to a different design, or to get more chicks, but you are not going to feel too bad about it because this one did not cost you too much.
I love it! I want to make a tractor so my girls can get out and about more (and I can worry about hawks less)! I like your design, and may copy it a bit!

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