my very first "shop project" evar! LOOK!


10 Years
Aug 25, 2009
Quebec, Canada
I'm so dang proud of myself... my very first shop project ever! took about 5 hours working with heavy panels, recycled materials and sharp machinery but i am so very proud! cost $20 to make and the silkies love it :)

I've never built anything before, so yes it's a bit crooked and looks funny but you know what? I had a great time building it, I learned alot and am a bit less scared of power tools now! Looking forward to building another one

So, the "condo" is 4' long, 2' wide and 2' tall. Ventilated on both sides, re-inforced with 1/4" hardware cloth (that stuff is a nightmare to cut). Big door for more ventilation and ease of access for cleaning, large ledge to keep the bedding inside. Not too heavy so can be transported.

It's on the garage floor right now because DH isn't here this week and I can't lift it by myself to add legs or anything. That'll be next week.

I also need to add a roost, it has a nesting box and everything else.



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I wouldn't know if that was a first attempt or 500th attempt! Well done on design and construction! I'd hire you to build me another one but the shipping would be outrageous!! Really good work...

nice job!! good for you!!

i have built a things too. but they always seem to fall apart.
I built a feed storage holder for the chickens, right aside their coop, well,, it fit 2 good size plastic tubs for feed and stuff etc. ,
i one day went out to get some feed and a mouse popped his/her head out.. gross!! i thought i built a good holder made out of plywood. but i didnt seal it well enough... plus if you just blew it down,, it might just fall over.

And the chicken coop, thank goodness i didnt build that!! i tried making mini coops,, those didnt hold together very well.
lesson learned. yeah. anyways, glad your project is staying together nicely!


awe thanks everyone!

they are so fun to make, well except for the long and tedious cutting of the hardware cloth

I'm going to make more, that's for sure!

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