my white campbell eggs have pipped...early again...


10 Years
Jul 19, 2009
Palmerston North
I am quite excited...I got these 5 eggs from my colleague for free to hatch and they are all doing well at the moment. 2 of them have pipped and early again like my batch last week.

I hope I will get at least 2 hens from that and the rest will go back to my colleague. she is quite upset at the moment as her own white campbell was sitting on a clutch of eggs as well and they weren't too far off from hatching and yesterday morning the duck sat at the back door with blood all down her back as a result from a probable stoat attack. She was quite glad that she gave me some eggs and i think she quietly wished that she gave me more eggs to hatch but my incubator was kind of full.

well I hope that they all make it...

I don't suppose I can easily sex them while they are young...?


10 Years
Jan 11, 2010
Great news...But since its happened twice- maybe you should do what I am currently doing and calibrate your thermometer. I have some in a new incubator and they have pipped a few days early too. I got it nearly a month ago- and wasnt expected anything to hatch until next weekend- so was surprised to see three beaks in airsacs when candling tonight.

Pipping or hatching early can be a sign of the temp being too high. I did check mine when I brought it home- but havent since then - so after seeing the little shadow beaks tonight I thought I would make sure and try three different thermometers to make sure they all give the same ( hopefully correct ) reading.

Best of luck with your hatch. And sorry to hear about your colleagues duck.

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