My white Serama is shaking and her neck looks swollen, she is also off balance.

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  1. Skydive Chicken

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    Aug 7, 2011
    In the past couple of days my white serama that hangs out with all the other bantams and big chickens just started hiding out alone more, then today she was just in one spot all day, not pecking or scratching. She is shaking a little and her head looks off to one side, like her neck is swollen or something funny there, but no signs of any injury. She is also walking off balance.
    All the other chickens seem fine.
    Any ideas on what this could be? For now I have put her in a comfy cage near her friends so that no one will bother her, if the big chickens decided to.
  2. Michael Apple

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    Mar 6, 2008
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    Descriptions of symptoms are difficult to diagnose sometimes since many diseases show the same symptoms. Foy's Pet supplies carries a product called Cocci-Cide. It fights cocci, canker, thrush and Aspergillosis. Costs about $20 a bottle with shipping. They ship fast. I'd order some, and in the meantime, give the bird some Sulfadimethoxine in the water for no more than 3 days. Make that and feed available.
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    Maybe something fell on her...... That sounds like the symptoms my chick had. I hope she gets better. Mine did with lots of love, a quiet place, and where it is warm. Hope she gets better
  4. Skydive Chicken

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    Aug 7, 2011
    we didn't get the cocci-cide in time and she ended up increasingly convulsing, then just being totally still until she died. we hand fed her and gave her a little water but that's it

    that was about 7 days ago. now, the other chicken that she used to hang out with is showing symptoms of starting on the same path. I am wondering if it possible she has a disease or if it is likely that some poison has somehow been ingested by them? so hard to say but I am hoping this other one can pull through if we are catching it earlier?

    any more suggestions?

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