My white silkie chicks few and far between Pics


Orpingtons Bama Style
12 Years
Nov 14, 2007
I have not had many fertile white eggs so I have been happy with everyone that is fertile. Here are some three month olds and a few two month olds. A few blues thrown in.





My blue Roo has been an asset for sure. The only fault I can find on him is his comb is to large, other wise he is so fine. Has the largest pom I have ever seen on a Roo with no hard feathers. His head is awesome. Very broad with lots of poof. His feet are very heavily feathered. He make good chicks. I have a couple of boys coming off that I hope will look that good.
They are so beautiful! My tsc is getting a new shipment in on Thursday, I hope to pick up a silkie for me.
The 3 (1 partridge cochin, 1 black cochin, and 1 speckled sussex )I have now are just 6 days old, but are all claimed by the kids. I really hope I can find one!
Where is Deland Fl. There are breeders in Fl with very good quality silkies.
I brought in a great looking roo. Saw what where supposed to be the parents. But his chicks have tons of hard feathers. Only started when I swapped roosters. So I just gave away a whole load of pet type silkies.
Well, I sure have appreciated articles by HatTrick on their breeding trials. Also Bobbi Porto has been very helpful to me. It is amazing how much difference a Roo can make. My black Roo that was killed by an Owl was awesome. He had some hard tail feathers but not and unacceptable amt. He also had a to large walnut comb. He turned out fabulous chicks. These blacks in another thread I posted today are some of his off Spring. I am keeping a Roo from him to see what happens with him.
Hi! Bama, DeLand is about 30 minutes from Daytona Beach and 40 minutes from Orlando, smack in the middle! Some rural areas near us include Eustis, Satsuma and Samsula. I would love a regular breeder instead of TSC! Thanks a bunch!!!!!
Bobbi Porto who is has fabulous silkies is in the Tampa area in Lutz, Fl. She hatches and ships. The price of gas it might be less expensive to ship than drive. Here is her Web addy an she has all the contact info on there. Joanne of Satinsilkies Fl in somewhere down there too. I can look her up if you want.. Julie

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