My young roo/cockeral is weak and can hardly stand.... any adice pleas

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    May 30, 2009
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    Hi all from the UK,

    I am here again in the hope someone out ther can advise about my poor cockeral "Reggie". He is a young guy, about 10 months old and is in a bit of a mess.

    For the last few days he has been getting weaker and his crest and face are losing there bright red colour. He is a Pekin Cockeral, as we call them on this side of the pond and as these are a small bantam breed he is rather large for this. He is Lavender in colour with lots of blonde feathers and was my real big man amongst the coop. We have over the past 3 weeks had the worst winter for many years and temperatures have dropped into single figures, some nights around 9 degree's F. I added more straw and hay and made sure they had plenty of feed and water that didnt freeze. But all this is in vain as Ronnie is now looking like he is about to pass away. He can bearly stand, his plumage is fading and his face and cheeks are now grey. He doesnt seem to want to open his eyes and he has lost a lot of weight.

    He was eating well, and when I entered the coop would try to pick a fight with me. But now he couldnt care less and his hens are attacking him, tho not badly. His poops are runny and his intake of feed and water is not that good. We did bring him into the house to our downstairs bathroom, which although has heating I switched it off so as not to overheat him. My wife Tracey bathed his bum to clean him up and we used a cat carrier for him to rest in. We gave him warm water bttles wrapped in blankets for some gentle heat and just some corn and maize to eat. He did pick up and was getting back to his usual self of attacking me.. lololol. We kept him like this for a few days allowing him to walk freely around the bathroom and once he seemed to be almost normal we put him back with his girls. The night time temps have improved to around the late 20's and last two nights ahve been around 40 degees. He did seem to be improving but I went out this morning and he was again on the floor on his side just with his legs twitching. This is how we found him originally.

    I have tried to pick him up but he is still wobbly on his legs and looks like he is about to fall over. I have checked him over and I can see no external injuries at all. He just is crusty on his legs. His feathers are again damp, from I think where he lay down near the water supply. I have offered him some food but he just closes his eyes and takes nothing from me. I have no idea whats wrong and dont want to loose him. But I have a feeling he is in to much pain and the best thing for him would be for me to help him pass into the next life.

    Can anyone advise me please, if I have left out any other points that may help diagnose him then please let me know. I can take a picture if anyone wants one and post it on here.

    Thanks for anything you can offer in advance....


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    Oh gosh, he sounds bad... I can't offer much advice, but I'd definitely say keep him warm inside until someone has some other ideas for you. Good luck, I'm hoping the best for him!
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    Apr 22, 2009
    I would deff keep him inside and seperated... have you given him electrolytes? baby vitamins? there are many things to do for this condition, I would type into the search engine things on yougurt and apple cider vinegar... I am not sure what the dosages are but there is tons and tons of stuff to help on this website.

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